Library Committee minutes 2/22/12

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Library Committee minutes 2/22/12

Postby Karen_M » Thu Feb 23, 2012 4:52 pm

Occupy Eugene Library Committee (OELC) Meeting minutes 2/22/12

Present: Jennifer, Karen, Art

Moderator: Art

Minutes: Karen

Agenda Setting

Women's Day Action (March 8th):
Discussion of ideas for speakers:
Planned Parenthood, Narral, ACLU, etc
Lotus is organizing this event. It has 6 stars on crabgrass's Actions Committee
Consensus: OELC sponsors Women Amplified March
Fliers have already been printed for this event.
Consensus: Ask Finance for bus passes for Lotus to put up fliers.
~Jennifer sends e-mail to Big John asking him to set this up.

Higher Education Research Project: Art has talked to a lot of people about putting this together.
~He will schedule an independent meeting for this project.
Open House/Slide Show: see below
Chuck Hunt Classes: Jennifer has dates/times; How will we get out the word? Contacts list.
Chataqua Update: see below under David Basamian

Contacts ListServe:
Are petitions OK to circulate on OE_Contacts?
Not sure, we don't think so.
We could ask comm comm committee to set up an oec_petition list serve?
~Karen will ask comm comm to do this.

Sunday Afternoon Discussions:
Every Sunday afternoon starting March 4th,
Important to talk about our tactics, etc.
We spend so much time it GSD mode (Get Shit Done), that we rarely have time to talk about how we do things, etc. Kazu Haga has great ideas about this
First meeting: March 4th 4pm-7pm with "Kazu Haga" youtube video 30 minutes
"Diversity of Tactics" Pause video every few minutes and allow for small group discussion (4-5 people)
Facilitate discussion well so that everyone has a chance to speak; use timer, make sure each person gets to talk for the same amount of time
~Karen will put on google calendar.
Consensus: Karen is designated to set up this event.

Meets the same time we do (annoying).
~Karen will send e-mail to Larry w/purpose statements, contact info. (mention Sunday discussion)
Library will set up short story 2-3 paragraphs for April newsletter.
Let's see if we can use the contact info that they have to print out business cards, etc.
Art asked Plaedo to pick a "poet of the month" with the recommendation that it is Jennefer Harper.
Yeah! Jennefer Harper is Poet of the month for March; Her poem will appear in the next newsletter
We should pick our own "Poet of the Month" for April
Consensus: Art will be Poet of the Month for April

Sweat Free Eugene:
Art has sent this event to their committee for the Low-Tide Drifters event.
No new updates

Mike Allred (Mad Men Comic Book Guy):
He has offered to speak to us.
Tsunami books has an opening for Easter.
Let's talk to Mike Allred and see what times work for him.
Consensus:OELC will ask Mike Allred to speak
Can we make this a fundraiser?

Last Friday Artwalk:
Yes on Robert to do slide-show.
Jennifer asked media group to help with this; she has not heard back.
~Karen will try to contact them too.
Tangent: Library Committee should try to get someone to run for city council if Ortiz does not run for re-election.

Bradley Manning:
Arraigned tomorrow:
Planning meeting tonight.

Upcoming Tsunami Event March 18th:
Lotus should read!
Jennifer needs another emcee.
Need new readers; some people are shy, and don't normally speak.
Lots of people are probably writers and we don't know yet.
Consensus: Art and Lotus will co-emcee at March 18th Tsunami event.

David Barsamian:
He is willing to speak!
LCC Peace Symposium AND a private speaking with OE group.

Citizens United on Saturday:
What are we to do?
Have a table at Occupy V?
Quarter page fliers for Library Committee: Contact info, Mission Statement, Upcoming Events, etc.
Put Sunday discussion, Tsunami event, Barsamian on flyer.
Hand out at upcoming event.
Ask finance for $20 Kinko's card for fliers, maybe only $5 for this weekends event, but will have remainder to print other fliers.
~We'll ask Big John about this, since he is our liaison to the Finance Committee.
~Karen will do quarter page flier.

Kesey Square:
Does library want to do Kesey thing at Friday's Action? Read some Kesey.
What he said about 9-11; his obit; Kesey quotes.
~Art will get together Kesey quotes.
We should sign up un-housed people for library cards.
Right now White Bird and Catholic Charities do that.
Let's talk to them


Consensus: Lent officially begins in 5 minutes.
Cigarette break!

Next meeting next Wednesday at noon at Scotty's.
Send e-mail to oec_library at for address
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