NonViolence Resources Committee 2/23/12

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NonViolence Resources Committee 2/23/12

Postby Karen_M » Thu Feb 23, 2012 4:55 pm

Nonviolence Committee Meeting minutes 2/23/12

Present:Carla, Joe, Jennifer, Barbara, Genevieve, Karen, Jean, Meghan (and later: Dale)



Agenda Setting

Do we have people for showing video at tomorrow's Artwalk?
Joe gives Jennifer a list of people who have video

People of Color Occupy group has dissolved
Ruth Wren has scheduled an event on May 5th about white privilege

LCC Peace Symposium at end of March:
March 21st and 22nd--David Barsamian will speak
If we have speakers, want to do a workshop, etc. we can do it then

May 5th--Solidarity with Immigrants march.
We should reach out to more non-white groups
An event was scheduled on Tuesday (Viva Mexico! w/ Javier Lara), an attempt to bring in more people from the Hispanic community and had very low attendance due to the fact that 2 other events (GA and Exclusion Zone hearing) were scheduled that night.
How do we better schedule events? It's too bad this had such low attendance.
Need to have more people coordinators meeting to avoid schedule conflicts.
Was there any information about why POC group left?
We need to learn from them. How can we reach out and find out how to use this to prevent further divides in the movement?

March 10th 12:00-4:00 Open House at Occupy V
There is a concert on March 10th, it will involve nonviolence talk.
Do we want this committee to sponsor this event?
We don't know much about them, they are not fundraising for Occupy Eugene.
Without knowing much about them, we probably don't need to do this group
OE can put in on the calendar.

Discussion Nights:
Library Committee is hosting discussion nights at Occupy V every Sunday from 4-7pm
March's topic will be "Diversity of Tactics"
First meeting will be on March 4th; showing 30 minute video of Kazu Haga's interview
Haga is a great example to bring. He is a non-violence instructor from Oakland.
He talks in his video about when property destruction is acceptable.
Library organized this event because we need to have more discussion about what OE is doing.
This normally doesn't happen in the Committees, which are focused on getting stuff done.
This first event will happen on March 4th; We will break into small groups with timed segments to make sure each person gets to speak. It is very important that people get heard, so that is why we will use the timer.
Brainstorm list of tactics: everything from letter-writing and voting to marches, direct action, F*ck the Police march, etc. List of tactics will be used as a basis for the next week's discussion (on March 11th), which will focus on the POSITIVE results achieved by each type of tactic.

Flier for tabling Events:
Karen hands out copies of the current draft as it stands on Crabgrass;
It is missing 4 parts: Mission statement, 2 sub-committee mission statements, and description of ddc. Jennifer will add these 4 parts and Joe will finalize the document: Formatting, etc.
Instead of doing Mission statements, we could just do brief descriptions of what our committee does and what our 2 sub-committees do.
Jennifer will send last 4 parts to Joe so that he can finalize the document.
Later we can use it as the basis for our webpage.

Peacekeeper lists seems to now be defunct.
There was no call for peacekeepers for this Saturdays event.
Consensus: We should now be the official home of the peacekeepers.
People can come to us for peacekeepers.
We offer resources for activism, so peacekeepers will be present at all actions.

Women's March on March 8th:
Jennifer hands out copies of info that Lotus sent out for this event.
We should offer resources, etc. for this event.
Give support in any appropriate way for this.

Actions Committee:
There are still some interpersonal conflicts. We have concerns that some people are not behaving properly in the Action Committee. (both people on the committee, and people who show up from outside bringing complaints, harrassment)
Are we are still trying to host a ddc for the actions committee?
Some people have refused to participate.
We should go ahead and schedule a ddc for actions committee even though not all will attend.

How should the Actions committee be structured? We still have an Actions Committee, but there is now a new Affinity group Cascadia Action lab started, it seems to be overlapping heavily with Tango Down There is another group called Maggic for organizing mass marches. How do these groups all come together?
Should Actions Committee be the umbrella under which these groups get support for OE (press releases), etc.

Kesey Square:
An arrest happened 2 days later. This person did not come to the training and orientation for the action; then got into an altercation with LTD later. How do make sure that anyone participating in an action knows proper protocol, etc?
Who's job is it to make sure people are trained before participating?
Instructions were given prior to the Kesey action about how do deal with the police if they stopped you. The person arrested did not know this.
We still need a checklist for Occupy Actions? (were peacekeepers called? Legal observers? what are the different levels of legal behavior for this action (ie. this action is a ticket-able misdemeanor offense, these actions are totally legal, people on probation should definitely not participate in ____, etc.)

Some downtown business owners like the exclusion zone for repeat, violent offenders. Business owners are generally opposed to the police harassing homeless people for no reason, but they want to be able to exclude the few violent, repeat offenders.
Business owners need to develop empathetic relations with some of the homeless
We realized at the park blocks that the people involved are the best ones to organize themselves.
Co-ocupy could start dinner conversations between business owners and the unhoused to build empathetic, productive relationships.
Do we have the interest or the energy to do this?
People think that this sounds great!
Gives both unhoused and housed people better social skills.
Adopt-a-toilet idea: Get some business owners to 'adopt' 2-4 homeless people to allow them to use bathrooms. Great opportunity to create relationships. Sometimes business owners have let unhoused people sleep in carports etc in exchange for security, light cleaning.
Consensus:Non Violence Group will endorse this idea (Co-Occupy).

It appears that Kesey Square is being Occupied by the unhoused. They are currently playing hackey-sack and its not even a Friday!

Meeting Times:
Quite a few people who said this time worked for them are not here. Jennifer and Carla have already left and we do not have their input.
We will meet next Friday at 2:00pm.
Discussion of regular meeting time will be tabled until then.

Agenda for next week:
Meeting times
Name of our Group
Contact People for main group; as well as each sub-committee
We need a listing on the OE website for our committee: Nonviolence Resources Committee w/list serve info and contact people.
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Re: NonViolence Resources Committee 2/23/12

Postby Karen_M » Thu Feb 23, 2012 10:20 pm

Correction: We will meet next Thursday at 2:00 pm (Grower's Market)
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