HSSG 2/27

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HSSG 2/27

Postby Buckli » Tue Feb 28, 2012 4:07 pm

HSSG Meeting 2/27/12

committee reports
long term- presentation in the works that will include photos and info on tent cities. To be presented before meeting, not formal.
Anne is working on proposal about entrance and mission
legal barriers and police accountability- database of people excluded, making information public somehow, list of 136 non-vehicle citation, 20 open container, 18 for possession of less than an ounce of marijuana, most of the tickets, over 50 percent were for j-walking, not using a traffic signal properly, or criminal trespass.
Ali given 180 dollar ticket for putting her foot on a building- it was the policeman who she had filed a complaint against.
downtown accountability project, make records available,
de-escalation training
Get in communication with Portland cop-watch to get ideas and support

Community discussion at cosmic- wonderful and enlightening, housed and un-housed people have an open dialogue, let’s expand it, list of local restaurants to send form letter to see if they would be willing to host a community discussion. Possibly WOW hall with catering company. More people might come if it were bigger. Funding?
The whole premise of it, is NOT to be a homeless feed.

Exclusion zone
Public forum at 7:30 , city council meeting to vote tonight. Be there. Represent.
Be strategic about speakers tonight.
Work Session at 5:30- McNut room
What’s going on with possible compromises?
-a lawyer must be made available
-advocate program improvement
-discussion of shorter exclusion time.
Email city council
Talk to Jean or Michael about speaking
co-occupy Eugene
Effort to change the downtown merchant’s attitude by heading programs that get bussinessowners to meet with the people informally living in their areas, the people they currently have the most conflict with, have a third party sitting in to glean information, involved as a participant, not a facilitator.
What are the experience and feelings of both sides.
Involvement with non-violent committee- people with de-escalation experience
requesting money from the food from task force.
Continuation of Smuj and David’s project
Ideas- The Davis, cowfish, Saturday market office,
more focused
find merchants who are favorable at first,
Using Occupy in the name- we need to be doing good things in occupy’s name. We need to claim who we are. A lot of street-people trust it, a lot of merchants trust it.
Proposal that this committee consents on this project as it was described today.
No blocks or stand asides.

talking to neighbours first
when it happens, a bunch of people show up.
Maybe identify families living on the streets. Make an add on craigslist in the wanted housing section.
research phase, working with families to find legal means to prevent foreclosures before you leave your home.
Meets Sundays at Noon, Wednesday 5 at growers market.
City life in Boston- way ahead of us, Banks can’t find papers on a lot of properties.
Harpers January Issue

task force
The community engagement portion of the task force recommends a committee forms, proposals are in the works,
drafts were due at 5pm to the city for proposals
We should try to get a hold of those proposal drafts,
Gene will send an e-mail of a recap of proposals tomorrow night
Pull people in to chat after the meeting
proposal that came out of it- ordinances that criminalize being homeless need to go
day use and long term got a lot of support.
If we could have looked at sparrow’s proposal – we can actually make a commitment here, we want to know some one will support us. Specific things committed too. Seeming grade-schoolish, trying to avoid abrasiveness, but there is abrasiveness involved. We need to be acting .
tomorrow 2-4 mcnut, planning meeting.
Faith-based table and petitioned them for their support for the need to set up another place to occupy. Broke down the rumors.
The community doesn’t know the truth about what really went on there.

long term housing
several voices spoke against moving towards a tent city. Gene says linkage with occupy head quarters is what she opposed
Anne trying to gather information on what worked and what didn’t work, she wants a transitional community, clean and sober environment, checks for sex offenders and criminal warrants (because there will be children there). Transition to existing programs like shelter care, first place family center,
another group will transition into small intentional communities.
Joe wanted it to be for people still drinking and using and that the healing environment of the camp, some differing thoughts on that.
Mised facility? Not mixed facility?
We need to prepare for all possibilities.
Strong feelings that it should be a mixed situation. 9 people clean and sober for every one that is not.
a graduation process
mixed feelings about excluding people with differing lifestyles
tightly closed entrance and exit
wet bed option
Next planning meeting is Thursday noon at Midtown

new land committee
women’s shelter
event march 15th about homeless issues
building the commons movement DVD
recommended video- let your life be a friction to stop stop the machine
Leibris- limited involvement , alternative housing
Needs tablers doing Friday noon at uo law school- on occupy
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