02.29.12 NAC Minutes

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02.29.12 NAC Minutes

Postby ReidKimball » Wed Feb 29, 2012 10:54 pm

apologies for the atrocious formmating.

Occupy Eugene Neighborhood Action Committee Minutes Date/Time: February 29, 2012 Location: Growers Market Facilitators: Reid Minute Taker: Vickie E. Attendees: Reid, Lauren, Lisa (Lauren's daughter), Chester, Richard, Fergus, Scott, Patricia, Ross, Vickie E., Michael
• Announcements
• Richard Hans Norland
• action.firedoglake.com/page/s/occupy-ex...
• Lawn signs, other sign designs
• Eviction defense alert system
• Collaborate with Homeless Solutions
Lauren and Lisa's situation
Lauren is in foreclosure - Monday is sale date. The foreclosure has incorporated 2 properties. Their attorney will not help Lauren. BofA has intervened. We will discuss this situation after the rest of the agenda.

RG and Oregonian had editorials telling legislature to get it together. Legislature can vote on this issue until on March 6. Stephanie from Corvallis was in Salem. She was in Corvallis senator's office and was told that it would not be floored, and no democrats would vote for it with the amendments. The republicans are being pressured to open bills back up and remove amendments.

Action was suggested. What is our goal? Legislation is still in session today. The most effective action will be to call your reps and encourage others to call and/or write letter to editor in local papers.

Suggestion: Is it feasible to have Occupy people show up at legislative offices. Instead of showing up at banks, show up at offices in Salem or their local offices. Re-post on web site.

ACTION: Collaborate on letter to editor on crabgrass. Reid will create, patricia will write, and all will contribute. It is suggested that the strategy is to get this to court. Get judge to render opinion. Legislature is so chaotic right now, it is impossible to determine a schedule for votes. Short notice for a media event on Monday; we need more time to plan media event. Possibly combine things in one action. Interfere with auction and let people know what is going on with auction. Lauren's auction is Monday at 10 a.m. Press conference dealing with bills and auction. Scott has more information on missing taxes and other revenues.

ACTION: If Press conf. on Monday, Reid will have to work on press release tonight. Richard discussed his legal history, and questions were asked. Lauren and Lisa's situation: Auction is on Monday for Lauren's property. She wants auction sale stopped. Can we stop it? Sometimes credit bid is passed through. Most auctions are not even on steps. This auction will be held in the lobby. Looking up address in Walton on list of auctions. 3/5/2012 at 10 a.m. ReconTrust. County Courthouse will be location of auction.

Trustee's Notice of Sale needs to be recorded at county, and it needs to published 4 times. Lauren's property appraised $850,000 in 2006. She owes 417,000. It is worth 154,000 per the county (assessed value). It appraised in the high 700,000s, and they put a bunch down, $300,000 at initial purchase. They probably have invested almost $600,000 so far with reconstruction and large down payment. Attorney did not file. Attorney -- Bill Fleenor. Went to newport, talked to Scott (attorney). When it got close to auction. Complaint for wrongful foreclosure has been written. They cancelled auction. and BofA wants to intervene. They are saying BofA has an interest in Lisa's property. Judge agreed with that. A hundred-plus investors in their property. Bait and switch. They cut payment in half for 6 months. Countrywide got loan and then BofA picked it up.

BofA does not have standing (?) GNN just servicers. Deschutes may actually hold the note. MERS mentioned in papers. QWR sent to lenders. They responded, but said they would not provide the original deed. BofA attorney (John Thomas) asked judge to intervene. State certified surveyor says house is on Lisa's property. Schickley property can't be built on, but other property can be built on. Title company screwed up.

Suggestion: Put an injunction in regarding money. Argument has to start with injunction. File to get evidence and then worry about securitization, who owns note. If it went to MERS, there is no note. The injunction is demanding note and proof of securitization.

Lauren and Lisa are okay with being a case to follow.

Started facebook under Lisa DeFalco. Animal Sanctuary signs: Lauren and Lisa will bring. Bring documentation including 7-page timeline. Kelly Warner at KMTR has done story regarding Lauren and Lisa.

Lauren will be here on Sunday, and Lauren Regan and Kristen (Tango Down) will be invited to attend Sunday's evening.

ACTION:Reid will talk to Malcolm about trying to interrupt/prevent foreclosure, or whether to let it go through as further proof of bank wrongdoing.

ACTION: Ross will speak with Kristen and Lauren Regan.
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Re: 02.29.12 NAC Minutes

Postby ReidKimball » Wed Feb 29, 2012 10:57 pm

• Check to make sure BRT’s house isn’t on auction
• Richard meets with Lauren 03/01/12, suggests a foreclosure injunction to stop the auction
• Signs: “PASS bills 1552 & 1564, No amendments”
• Fergus will find out what happened in legislature with SB 1552 & 1564
• Tent Monster will be at auction
• Lauren and Lisa have Caregain Farm sign
• Plan action with talking points?
• Ross to Invite lauren regan, Kristen carperter to Sunday 12p meeting
• Fergus to write language of what’s new in the legislative issue. Patricia to write a letter to the editor. https://we.riseup.net/occupyeugene+neig ... 2-and-1564
• Send ross harper’s doc.
• Malcolm working with Cindy, her auction is March 7th.
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