NonViolence Resources minutes 3/1/12

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NonViolence Resources minutes 3/1/12

Postby Karen_M » Thu Mar 01, 2012 5:26 pm

Nonviolence Resources Committee Meeting minutes 3/1/12

Present: Joe, Benjamin, Syrena, Karen, (and later: Jennifer and Dale)

Minutes: Karen

Attendance/Meeting Times:
We have very low attendance. Is it because we moved meeting time to Thursday?
Syrena sets up meeting wizard to try to find a better meeting time, sends invites to everyone who has been attending meetings lately.
Thanks Syrena!

Our Committee is now listed on the Committee page of the OE website
If you click on our name (currently listed as "Nonviolence Resources Committee", it takes you to our Committee homepage (currently on crabgrass).
Our homepage only contains the original draft of our flier and needs to be updated.
Karen asks Joe to send her digital copies of our current NVRC flier so that she can update the webpage and attach the flier to it.
There are currently 2 typos on the flier, plus a formatting error.
Joe will fix those and send to Karen.
By tomorrow, everyone should be able to go to the Committee webpage and download the most current version of the flier.

Tabling for upcoming events:
Jennifer (and Genivieve?) are setting up tabling times for the Occupy table at this weekend's Law Conference event at UO. Benjamin and Dusk will be trying to set up by noon tomorrow.
How will we get the current fliers to them?
Joe will print out 100 NVRC fliers and give to Karen.
Karen will combine them with fliers for the Library Committee and meet Benjamin at the bus mall tomorrow to hand off fliers on his way to UO.

Sugar Sub-Committee Report:
A lot going on. At least half dozen requests for mediation or listening circles.
They are working on things as they are able.
Some members of Actions are willing to do listening circle.

Occupy Education:
Educational event set up by Lauren Regan.
Provides a wide variety of trainings skills for activists.
Starts Wednesday, March 14th, will continue every Wednesday night for next 15 weeks.
Also 2 all day trainings, first on March 18th.
There are a lot of scheduling conflicts with March 18th training:
Discussion Night at Occupy V; Tsunami Poetry Reading; and Occupy Oregon conference in Portland.
Note: These classes will be live-streamed/recorded for anyone who cannot attend.
These classes overlap with the work of our Sub-Committee for Educational Resources.
Did anyone contact them?
Also overlap with work of Library Committee and Visioning Committee.
Important for everyone to attend.
Important for Nonviolence Resources Committee to have a significant presence there; Jennifer wants to know who from NVRC will be there?
Karen-yes on Wednesdays, not on Sunday.
Joe, Jennifer -no, not available Wednesdays.

March 10 Open House at Occupy V:
Karen told Brett that NVRC was willing to table there. If no one else volunteers, she will do it.
Time was originally set as 2-4pm (before Saturday's GA); it might be expanded to noon- 4pm
This open house is primarily for finding new volunteers.
What does NVRC want volunteers to help with?
Jennifer: Peacekeepers, tabling, making fliers.
Do we want outside people to table for our committee?
It might be better if people who are already involved in our committee do the tabling. They can engage people better and are more likely to be able to answer questions.
It would be great to have someone to help with fliers. We could send them updates, and they could update the flier, and the website.

*Jennifer has contact info for people who want to hang Art at Occupy V.

Meeting adjourned

Jennifer talks about coming of age ceremony July 4th (Native Americans in southern Oregon)
They need help from people who can kayak or boat.
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