02/26/12 Comm Minutes

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02/26/12 Comm Minutes

Postby ReidKimball » Thu Mar 01, 2012 8:17 pm

Meeting notes. Please do not star this doc until discussion on occurs on whether or not changes need to be made.

ACTION ITEM: Bret will put 23rd notes on crabgrass.
ACTION ITEM: Reid check gmail reply-to.
ACTION ITEM: Reid to figure out how to sign in “on behalf of”.


Upcoming events
Publications idea

Upcoming events

ALEC action, more info requested from comm.

We will do FB and web post for Cascadia Action Lab ALEC event.

Indubious at WOW Hall event with OE people, tabling info, selling OE items on FB and web.

Press Release Issue

There was a problem with the press release that came out after the parade; it didn’t give credit to the orgs involved. We need groups to come to us sooner than later or have us write the release sooner than later.

March 10th Volunteer Fair

We should get a press release for march 10th volunteer fair open house.

We will do FB, web, press release, craigslist, something cheap in Eugene Weekly.

Reid volunteers to make video fundraiser ad.

We talked about how much ads are for Eugene Weekly.

ACTION ITEM: Vickie will look up ad rates for Eugene Weekly.

We think Eugene Weekly readership will respond to an ad about the volunteer fair.

We think we can raise $300 for an ad.


Out march 10th, maybe for the volunteer fair.

Medical tent, big john food are the big articles.

4 pages likely.

Vickie’s Grants Idea

There are cultural and artistic grants available.

Jennifer Harper is collecting Library items.

Collect items about the history of OE.

Accessibility grant for an art show in a nice place with wine, snacks. Sell the artwork.

Vickie’s ideas

OE writes its own history
Give the marginalized access to displaying their art to a new audience
Collecting Occupy Eugene art anthology to be sold

ACTION ITEM: Bret will contact Dennis Trainer and ask him to stop sending emails to our committee lists.
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