Finance Minutes 2/23/12

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Finance Minutes 2/23/12

Postby Jesse » Sun Mar 04, 2012 7:27 pm

PayPal Situation
PayPal currently inactive
Has made some decisions that OE philosophically disagree with (ie. Denying funds to Wikileaks)
May want to look in to another solution, such as WePay
Jesse will research other options, and look in to registering with another payment platform

Computer was stolen from medical, people apparently know who stole it
Sue told Jain she wants us to hold off giving funds to medical
Terry contacted Jain, saying Sue does not have the say to decide that
No requests have been made, so we will wait until a request is made and review more closely
Terry shows up, saying Medical is meeting on Saturday to get bottom of situation, but will likely not need future funding from Finance

Committee effectively inactive, needs to be reinvigorated
Someone needed to help lead up efforts
Discussed that Cary may be a good candidate
Committee members will contact him to discuss
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