Finance Minutes 3/4/12

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Finance Minutes 3/4/12

Postby Jesse » Sun Mar 04, 2012 7:32 pm

To be sold as fundraising at Indubious concert, and possibly afterwards
Wants $300
Jan proposes we provide $200, Jan will help her with the remaining amount
Committee approves
Jesse and Jan will contact

PayPal Account
Still have $500 in inactive account
Jesse will follow up with PayPal to see if they've made any progress

WePay Account
Donation link shows amount that has been raised, and how many/who has donated
Likely is some setting to change what is shown
Jesse and Jan will investigate if we can change it and maybe see about using Widget
Jan will let Mary know

Open House / Fundraising Committee
Postponed until 24th
Don't feel Finance needs to recruit, but fundraising could use some help
Cary will contact Vicki to see if they will organize a table, if not finance may assist with organizing a table on their behalf
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