HSSG Meeting Minutes 3/12

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HSSG Meeting Minutes 3/12

Postby Buckli » Mon Mar 12, 2012 11:31 am

Committee Reports-
Day Center-
maps from Michael whist
Kaufman center
looking at writing a proposal
Legal Barriers-
e-mail to list serve our report to task force
Michael will call Karla and add library ordinance to task force legal barriers report
exclusion process from library is a very long process, we must fill out complaint cards when something bad happens
Alternative Housing
Leibris design for emergency shelter units is getting put in computer format, presented at task force, good alternative to being institutionalized. We are looking at cost-effectiveness. Talked with Chris S
Joe will talk to dt athletic club to work on co-occupy downtown.
Talk to Ali

Dispersed Camping-
CALC backyard,
13th and chambers

Task Force-
committees were formed and disbanded
world café, nothing committees did was brought forth
proposal has to go in at noon today.
look at day center email.
identify volunteers to work on finalizing language
establish why changes are needed.
by wed march 14
task force meeting week of 3/19
review week of 3/26
city council meeting april 11th
email general city email to request that council is in a large enough room to accommodate task force/community members (50+ task force members)

City Budget
meet up with Claire from budget
no money is to spent from social service agency funding for these things, but social services and task force people are competing for the same funds
Wednesday, 4/18/12** 5:30pm-9:00pm FY13 Proposed Budget, Public Hearing,
Recommendation to City Council
opportunity for getting involved in boards and committees deadline is march 30th
difficult to make headway in these boards

Downtown Development
16 mil for ten years. Developers will not try to develop without the discount.
oppose this development,
speak to planning commission
March 19, 11:30 a.m.
 speak at city council
Why do they all have to be luxury apts, why are no apts low-income in that building
advocate for low-income, and say a certain amount of funds from that 16 mil for low income… or do we want to fight for mixed housing within the new development.
a certain percentage of those students are on financial assistance, they ARE low income.
we are opposed to any tax breaks for this development
out of state developer

mailing party at calc tomorrow at noon
showing film Death and Taxes Thursday
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