03.11.2012 NAC Minutes

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03.11.2012 NAC Minutes

Postby ReidKimball » Mon Mar 12, 2012 9:00 pm

Date: 03/11/2012
Location: OEV
Attendees: malcolm, reid, bret, aimee, ross, patricia, majeska
• Intros
• Announcements
• Malcolm wants us to contact people who have been foreclosed on
• Malcolm wants anyone who needs help from lawyers to get restraining orders
• Sign on scaffolding
• BRT update
• Lauren update
• Roxann update
• Patricia’s letter from wells fargo
• Patricia propses Eugene Weekly
• March 31st action
• March 18th occupation education
• Standing agenda to question how to connect with homeless solutions
• Eviction video cameras
• Max Rameau
o Asked Jamil to get honorarium for Max Rameau
o Endorse Spring Action campaign?
• action.firedoglake.com/page/s/occupy-ex...
• Lawn signs, other sign designs
• Eviction defense alert system
• Collaborate with Homeless Solutions
• CTV Jim Evangelista


Malcolm wants people to show up at wed, lane county courthouse 10a for Cindy, same as Lauren. Reid to bring camera. Get as many people.

Bret committed to a job and will step back in 6 – 8 weeks.

ACTION ITEM: Reid to craft email.

Check to make sure it hasn’t been postponed. UPDATE 3/12 – It was, until April 16th.

Malcolm having trouble reaching Lauren.

ACTION ITEM: Ross will talk to her.

ACTION ITEM: Reid to ask Richard if OK send TRO to group. UPDATE 3/12 – DONE, Richard is OK with this.

Bret’s recommends West Law as a law research resource, they have a 30 day free trial at UO.

BRT Update

BRT has not heard anything since answer filed in court.

BRT has no funds for filing more papers, like a TRO.

Majeska's nonprofit A Community Together (ACT) has a new project called Occupy Opportunity, which may help with connections between the OE Homeless Solutions committee and foreclosure preventions. There are many laws and barriers now that make it difficult for homeowners to help with housing others on their property. She's researching legal "sweet spots" that will make it easier for more people to do this, which would also help defend against foreclosure and eviction.

A recommendation for ReCode Oregon recode.org organization.

Finding the sweet spot will help us protect homeowners from eviction, allowing homeless to stay and defend the place.

Idea, people doing renovation on property can live on it for a long time.

Patricia Update

Patricia got letter back from Wells Fargo, saying they need 5 – 7 biz days. They have invited her to San Antonio. Patricia is writing a letter to respond to Wells Fargo that a forensic auditor will verify the blue ink note in person.

Patricia letting us know an independent article by Lauren being written for Eugene Weekly.

Roxann Update

Roxann – Tried telling Dennis Harlow that they are not moving. Oregon Real Estate Management wants to press charges against Dennis Harlow for saying he worked for them.

Dennis is an REO broker.

Suggested we picket Dennis’ house, invite media, to expose the scam.

Expose the REO’s in the nation.

ACTION ITEM: Roxann to bring the paper from Dennis Harlow to WED 3/14 meeting.

Malcolm’s offer to get a billboard sign for our committee near Neal’s autoshop.

Aimee suggests sign has a limit of 7 words.

Sign is to say something like, “In foreclosure? We can help. See Neal.”

ACTION ITEM: All to work on this over email, crabgrass.

Concerns the signs may sound like scams.

Make up 3 versions to choose from.


Malcolm, Aimee looking for people who have had homes fraudulently foreclosed on.

We can go online to check addresses to find out what is a good case. People need to do the leg work to find the good cases, do research.

Can people sue for damages of the person’s credit rating because of the foreclosure?

Suggested that one can send letter to three credit reporters that he was foreclosed on fraudulently.

There are pro bono resources to help people correct credit mistakes.

Suggested we focus on finding people before they are evicted.

Suggested we run ads to get people who are in foreclosure process, and have been evicted.

Some think people assume when Sherriff shows up they have no recourse. Banks have paperwork that takes away people’s rights. Value in finding people who have been kicked out and helping them. Judge will be forced to give home back.

There is something called Right of Redemption that exists for 6 months in which the evicted person can be allowed back into home by judges order even if it has been sold to another person.

Point made that the process of Redemption is not easy, and costly. We need to talk to the successful case? Talk to Bret and Tim, they seem to know of a successful case. We need to learn how it worked.

Aimee has list of people who are in foreclosure from Dennis Harlow’s website.


Maybe we need different meetings for people in different situations. That target different purposes, like eviction defense, support groups, education, etc.

Weekend evening meeting was suggested.

We may need a lot of one-on-one meetings because of shame they have.

We need teams of people who can meet with others and have easy to understand materials.

Suggested we contact weekly to donate classified ads, “are you being foreclosed, occupy would like to help you.” Talk about the logistics of how they contact us.

Ross March 31st Action

Get enough people in the streets to know occupy is working on this issue. We have 3 weeks to plan. March 31st is the last weekend before April Saturday Market to start.

We want every single group to participate.

Suggested we talk about lost county fees.

We all have input that is valuable. We need outreach to unions.

Suggestion that doing an action on a weekday is better. We still have the funeral day action idea that we haven’t done yet.

ACTION ITEM: It was requested Ross provide more details for March 31st action. UPDATE 3/12 – Ross sent 3 pages of details.

There is agreement we need actions around foreclosures, like Dennis Harlow picket, auctions. Bret was involved in People’s United (PU), difficult to plan in 20 days. We may not need to do anything on March 31st and better to take longer to plan. Took 8 weeks for PU.

More support for march 31st and choosing a time, suggested 1pm. Lots of reasons to organize direct action without media attention and others with media attention. We can’t expect large attendance. We should go to Harlow’s to teach community that protests at houses are OK.

Scott suggested that ESSN, We the People, and SIEU can be on board. Idea called, “Spring Cleaning”, take a broom and clean the banks. He thought funeral action might be OK on March 31st. Small actions are not the end of the world.

Ross suggested handing out responsibilities for networking with other committees.

There is concerned about energy going into this and getting defeated if turn out isn’t great.

Does Dennis Harlow have a business address?

Action on Monday was empowering. We need a foundation for the actions to be presented to group and presented at the Wed meeting.

Suggestion to have a booth at Saturday Market again!

People should come to Actions meetings, Monday 5:30p. OEV.

Our action ideas are:
• Funeral and resurrection for American Dream
• Dennis Harlow Picket
• County’s Lost Revenues
• March 31st
• Break the Banks
• Foreclosure Tape around BoA

Ross wants street theater with Keystone cops chasing tent monsters.

Was suggested we have a group meeting about planning the actions.

Suggestion for Ross to put discussion forum details of March 31st into email. We need to be sure we don’t split the group meetings. She has ideas for spring actions. We need themes, like “housing a human right”. Funeral for death of American Dream.

Others don’t support death of American Dream, but do support death of the banks.

American dream is dying because of complacency. Here comes Easter, death and resurrection opportunity, churches are being foreclosed on.

Reminded that foreclosures are not just for homes, but churches, and farms are being foreclosed on.

Death of American dream and resurrection actions may be offensive to those who celebrate Easter. We need to stay away from confusing that may offend.

Remaining agenda items:
• March 18th occupation education
• Standing agenda to question how to connect with homeless solutions
• Eviction video cameras
• Max Rameau
o Asked Jamil to get honorarium for Jamil
o Endorse Spring Action campaign?
• action.firedoglake.com/page/s/occupy-ex...
• Lawn signs, other sign designs
• Eviction defense alert system
• Collaborate with Homeless Solutions
• CTV Jim Evangelista
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