Homeless Solutions Committee Minutes Monday, April 23, 2012

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Homeless Solutions Committee Minutes Monday, April 23, 2012

Postby Barb Prentice » Fri Apr 27, 2012 10:52 am

Homeless Solutions Committee
Monday April 23, 2012

Attendees: Anne , Robin, Barb (notes), Art, Sabre, Joe, Andy, Carla, (facilitator), Meg, Michael G., Patrice, Liebris, Sparrow, Thomas, Sarah, Terry, Majeska, Patti Hine

Committee Reports
City Council
Listening circle at First United Methodist
Design Workshop (Andy Heben)
Campaign presentation at GA
Meeting with 13th and Chambers neighbors
Rick Youngblood

Listening Circle: There will be a listening circle for a few church members and homeless people at the First United Methodist Church at 13th and Olive on Sunday April 29 at 10:15. Patti asked that people invite homeless people that they knew to attend. Liebris is planning to be there. Patti can be contacted at 541-343-5091.

Design of Eugene camp:
• State Law ORS 446.265: Allows free camp sites in cities. Need to understand law better was expressed so that this can be addressed with the city.
• George Brown and other councilors were supposed to have visited Dignity Village in Portland last weekend.
Campaign presentation at GA tomorrow evening, April 24
• 5 minute presentation at GA
• This committee will revisit it’s discussion about support for this proposal at its next meeting
• Need education and outreach to put a face on homelessness: Might include presentations to groups, house parties, etc. Meet with Vagabond editor to find homeless people who would be willing to participate.
Meeting with 13th and Chambers neighbors
• Joe has organized a meeting with some groups who would be neighbors at 13th and Chambers site for Friday April 27.
Rick Youngblood
• Meeting has been organized for May 10 for the family of Rick Youngblood to meet with people who were involved at the Occupy site when Rick died to clarify what actually happened. The hope is that reconciliation and healing will occur.
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