Fed Up Committee Meeting Minutes - 8/5/2012

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Fed Up Committee Meeting Minutes - 8/5/2012

Postby Vickie E » Tue Aug 07, 2012 6:42 pm

Fed Up meeting - August 5th,2012 – Outpost A
Present: Beatrice, Art, Fergus, Dave, Mary, James, Cindy, Chase, Vickie, Carla, Reid, Kristen, Madeline, Sharon, Lee, Martin.
Batteries/movie nights
Phone call with Karen
Police strategies
Shift coverage
“Rules” – dogs
Next site
Batteries/movie night – there has been a call out to Joe for assistance in making the equipment on site work. Mary will take a look at it after the meeting. If we had a reliable source of electricity it was suggested we have movie nights at the outpost. We will revisit the idea if the electric becomes a reality, there was a concern about potential noise bothering the neighbors.
Phone call with Karen – EPD Watch commander Doug Mozan came by today and spoke with Lee and Donna, alleging he had heard from the owner of the house Karen Atkinson, and that she wanted to speak to a representative from Occupy. During the visit he pointed out that the police have a no trespass order and that others have been arrested for being on the site. He mentioned that some neighbors may love us but there have been complaints. He expressed a desire for everything to remain peaceful and offered to give notice of any potential action being taken by the police. Lee told him that we were having a meeting that evening and she would bring this information to the group. While he was there he also mentioned the rocket stove, not saying it couldn’t be there, just commenting on how great they are. Later, ‘Officer Bob’ paid a visit, aka Bobby McDermott (sp?) who said he was the contact person for all the previous sites and is apparently a nice guy while also a cop. Fergus said they had sent letters to Karen at three addresses, two came back and they never heard anything from her. The letters offered OE assistance with regaining her house if she wished. There was plenty of discussion about various motives and scenarios, but ultimately we decided on four top choices for the right people to speak with Karen. Lee, Mary, Beatrice and Reid were given authority by the group to work out amongst themselves how the call would be arranged. The directive agreed on by the group for whoever took the call was to first hear her concerns, then explain why we’re here, seek permission to stay and let her know we would like more communication with her. The emphasis on foreclosure or actions in the conversation will depend somewhat on Karen’s concerns.
Police Strategies – the EPD site says about the trespass letters that they could arrest people but only prosecute with the signature of the owner. We currently are not anticipating sudden action by the police but discussed the actions to be taken if something should occur. Carla is a Peacekeeper and lives close by and Michael Carrigan is our police liaison and should be called immediately if any police situation arises. His number is being kept on site, as well as Carla and others phone numbers. We have a phone for the site, needs to be charged. We do not plan to get arrested at this time for any reason, and if Karen asks us to leave the group agreed that we would. A question was posed that if we had to leave Outpost A then do we know of an Outpost B, downtown possibly and owner occupied so we wouldn’t have to do overnite? Suggestions were to look on Craigslist.
Shifts - How do we get more people to cover the shifts? Reid says Interfaith Occupy would like to be involved with foreclosure related things and Fergus will contact them. Chase will talk to Jamil and others will contact Jana about sending an announcement on the 1100 list. Ways to get people to sign up for Fri/Sat night shifts were make them a game night, poker night, a split shift so people can still go out. Suddenly during this discussion, a pickup truck pulled up and…
Donation! – several large boxes of cups, plates, napkins and the like were hoisted over the fence, lovingly saved from being thrown out by a kind woman who supports Occupy. Hooray! Plenty for the Outpost and even more that was taken to OEV. Now, back to shifts…
Shifts (cont) there was discussion about changing the requirement for two people on each day shift and three on each night shift. We agreed there were some very good reasons for having that many: more flexibility if people didn’t show up/came late/left early; safety and security issues, etc. In addition there is now some equipment on site that each shift is responsible for, the batteries and inverter, and the cell phone as well as any monetary donations and perhaps other items. It was discussed that we might need a lock box of some kind to secure the equipment if the site had to be left unattended. We tabled this discussion until after the announcement goes out for extra staffers.
“Rules” – we discussed the original concern about dogs, the neighbors had specifically mentioned a preference for us not to have them on site, there were concerns about them bothering passersby and peeing indiscriminately in the yard. We reviewed the legal definition of a service dog. Some thought there might be times when a dog could provide security. There was further discussion looking at allowing occupiers on shift to bring a dog, perhaps only on the overnite shifts. We tabled the item for further discussion at the next meeting. We made clear and reaffirmed our commitment against entering the house unless Karen allows it. We discussed the Facebook page regarding censorship and abuse issues. Currently the mods for the Outpost page are Lotus and Beatrice and removing posts that are personal attacks on an individual was not looked on as censorship and any such posts will be taken down.
Next meeting topics – dogs, next site, goals.
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