07.25.2012 OHFAC Support

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07.25.2012 OHFAC Support

Postby ReidKimball » Thu Aug 09, 2012 1:57 pm

Meeting: OH-FAC! Foreclosure Support

Date: 07.25.2012

Attendees: Patricia, reid, Fergus, janet,

• Intros
• Announcements
• Updates


Got letter from BoA saying “due to a recent change in the status of your home loan assistance request, you will no longer be assigned to a dedicated, single point of contact. Questions call 800-669-6607. Has flood insurance for 12th floor.

Shaleke Sims, Customer Relationship Manager

Where’s the note.com sends letters to banks. Janet got responses back. One letter said, “Some of your requests were valid and we’ll answer, some of them were not and we won’t respond to those.” So fucking vague. Another letter tells her who the servicer is, BoA. Says, BoA is authorized by investor of loan to handle most inquiries and requests to make decisions…

Janet robo-signer Mercedes Judilla MERS Assistant Secretary.


Michelle glass concerned the power relationship with new 1552 isn’t fixed.

MERS is ruled illegal by Oregon Court of Appeals, cannot be a beneficiary. Goes to Supreme Court for final ruling.

Gayle Eisiminger (“eyes-i-minger” German)

Has Linda Green MERS on her doc!

Patricia found it in the records.

Gayle two jobs, underwater, was working with someone on short sale, will come up with new loan terms in order to afford to pay, so we can pressure bank with demands.

Max to pay out 1,100 a month. Has not made payments in 3 months.


Talked w/ dept of justice, was told to send registered retrun receipt RESPA letter. Checked her records, no changes of change in title. Sent RESPA letter to bank in IW. Filled out complaint form at DoJ with copy of letter. Sent letter to WA lawfirm and bank.

ACTION: Patricia will write document on how to write letter to DoJ. Also working on intake story form for foreclosure victims.


Robert signed up for 1552, wants to use mediation to prove if the bank has authority, needs to prove clear and unbroken chain of title. Doesn’t know who is servicer, was auora, then nation star effective july 1st as servicer for loan, they are asking to pay, but nation star won’t tell them how much to pay.

Theliesinyourmortage.com, theliesinyourdebt.com

Thinks Nation Star is a “Foreclosure Mill”.
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