07.26.2012 OHFAC Business/Actions

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07.26.2012 OHFAC Business/Actions

Postby ReidKimball » Thu Aug 09, 2012 2:06 pm

Date: 07.26.2012

Attendees: Patricia, reid, fergus, vickie,

• Intros
• Announcements
• Action Items Review

ACTION: Lee will announce at GA that Max will not come

ACTION: Majeska will announce to oec_contacts Max will not come

Patricia’s “We do not need to reinvent wheel” wants to do education events.

Hold screenings of videos for anyone, the public.

Does comm comm put notices in EW?

ACTION: Patricia would like someone to help with getting a venue. She will setup cirriculumn.
Someone who can do tech needs, support. To get videos onto laptop, DVDs, Stream.

Wants weekly events.

ACTION: Reid to send email to email list asking for help.

Suggested that patricia check with Kitte on more content.

Dave Lippman (Majeska)

Suggested asking Scotty Perey to create a skit for Wild Bill.

ACTION: Majeska to contact Scotty Perey.

ACTION: Reid to ask Comm if OK to post about David Lipman on Occupy Website without process. Verbage from newsletter article. Facebook post from Comm.

ACTION: Patricia can do flyer for event.

ACTION: Vickie will give a spiel about committee work at cozmic dave lipman show.

ACTION: Fergus will try to get educational event about 1552 with EFO, Project Reconomy, AG office. We consented to approving this event. If we can get the event we can publicize at cozmic event.

Occupy Lawn 1191 happens tomorrow, Friday. Ten people staying up all night on porch, be alert, table during the day Saturday. No drugs, smoking, alcohol. Clean up party again. Will talk to neighbors.

Possible charge of trespass II, 15 hr comm service, will be warned first before arrests.

Vickie and Reid to help Art clean up. Clean up crew at 1191 Friday 3:30p.

Coordinate with Art for press release.

Fergus will have truck for hauling trash.

Tell them I’m an account member. I am disgusted with them for trashing our communities, so now I’m returning the favor.

Sign to say “BoA: Clean up your foreclosure mess.”

Message is that BoA is creating a mess in our community for foreclosing on us.

Talk to Lauren Regan, stop in a 9a at office.

Leave trash at 1191 with signs.

ACTION: Reid write press release for clean up at 3:30p.

Reid to make statement to media.

MERS is on Karen Atkinson’s papers, it’s illegal. Banks are trashing our communities by illegally foreclosing on homes.

Give numbers of foreclosures, vacancies.

ACTION: Send email to list about what Lauren said to me.

Press release, banks of have trashed recording system and economy. What do we want people to do about it. Time for a moratorium because property title records are too messed up and make sure everyone is housed because housing is a human right.

Housing is a human right, everyone should have affordable housing, the banks created this economic collaspse, got bailed out, and now are kicking people out.

We are here to call people’s attention to the fact that banks are creating vacant houses. We want community control over land.

We’re occupying this space and taking control of this land because BoA has abandoned this property after illegally foreclosing on this property.

Gut message: We cleaned up the mess bank of America left there and we are taking control of space by occupying here to protect it from vandalism.

Send Lee comments for press for feedback.
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