08.01.2012 OHFAC Foreclosure Support

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08.01.2012 OHFAC Foreclosure Support

Postby ReidKimball » Thu Aug 09, 2012 2:10 pm

Attendees: Darshana, Fergus, Vickie, Robert, Reid, Patricia, Malcolm

Meeting moved to Hilton back lobby because Mind Freedom signs calendar with a room number, despite them using the round table, causing confusion on where they are meeting.

Darshana F.

Has judicial foreclosure, served 3 weeks. Went to Legal Aid, told her not to fight it. Ocwen, mers, circuit date august 8th? 30 days from july 30th.

2006 loan was endorsed and lendered to Deutche bank.

Her lawyer said they are doing judicial foreclosure to avoid mediation.

No payment made in 2 yrs.

We need to find assignments of transfer in lane county records.

Patricia R.

Eviction court date, August 10th, 8:30a.

In court, they have to prove “standing”. Look at patricia’s papers to find any legal holes that can prevent eviction.

Suggested Patricia contact AG’s office and say eviction needs to stop in order to figure out if foreclosure is illegal. Will check with Legal Aid.

Vickie E.

kim goelz robosigner. Loan modification rejected.

Gayle E.

Was given Tim’s contact info

Robert C.

Still having problems with Nation Star to get documents, and the correct amount to pay each month. It changes each month. Wife has to call each month.

Got a cashier’s check for entire amount, got it notarized, where to send it address, return receipt. It’s now documented that they received the payment despite not being upfront on where to send it. He had to do research on his own to find the correct address. It seems they are trying hard to trip him up and make him miss payments.
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