08.02.2012 OHFAC Business/Actions

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08.02.2012 OHFAC Business/Actions

Postby ReidKimball » Thu Aug 09, 2012 2:21 pm

Attendees: Fergus, Vickie, David, Reid, Michael,

• Announcements
• Cozmic, reality kitchen, axe & fiddle, BoA
• 1191
• Experts/confidentiality
• Conference calls
• Eviction defense/PDX

No announcements

ACTION: Reid to get meetings on calendar.


We are connected to cozmic event, we need lit, Vickie will talk, and work with lee to come up with material. Meeting starts at 8:30p.

Need to get lit for a table, Vickie will bring “Why we occupy 1191” and “Country Fair Info Packet”. Vickie will bring papers to GA to give to Majeska.

Patricia to make meeting time flyers. Vickie to send Patricia email for details.

Lee will table for us.

David will stop by BoA, 6p GA for morale.

BoA event

David will do a song.

Reality Kitchen Saturday 2:30 to 3:30 with David Lippman.

Axe & Fiddle

8:30p on main st. in Cottage Grove, Saturday.

Birthday party for David, Majeska, and Carol.

1191 updates

What’s the relationship between Fed Up and OH-FAC!?

Suggested that Reid is important for developing neighbor relations. Important for Nadine to turn around to say something positive about Occupy.

We found the property, we have been involved in the messaging.

If we were to stop participating, we would need to communicate with others involved, that’s how connected we are.

Education is important, or else it will be a waste of time for everyone participating in the occupation.

Concerns over different responsibilities for this joint action. We are committed as a committee.

Suggested we bring articles for educating occupiers.

Suggested getting a goal that is measurable.

Reid thinks if we want to do something at 1191, it’s up to us to make that happen with open collaboration and communication with Fed Up.

Proposal by Majeska: OH-FAC! Agrees to be in collaboration with the Fed Up committee regarding the 1191 occupation as a joint action.

Consented upon proposal.

Patricia’s eviction

Patricia eviction court date next Friday, Aug 10th, 8:30a. Wants moral support, may not start exactly at 8:30a.

Would like mellow, kind people, no one to make a lot of noise. Reid, lee volunteered to be there.

Called dept. of justice, will contact bank.

Last night conference call about eviction defense. Even if you go through the courts, it doesn’t mean you’re going to win.

Patricia prepared to use the “Show me the note” argument in court.

Eviction Defense in PDX August 6th

Unsettled Portland is doing this. It’d be nice to have people go to observe, or participate.

Do we want to do this.

Reid is very interested in observing to connect and learn, but is concerned about time commitment.

Lee would like to go with someone, also as an observer, might be able to spend the day.

Reid wants more information about their plans.

Conf. calls recap

Conf call with Reconomy about asking Salem for moratorium. We should talk about if we want to join the effort.

National occupy homes conf call, someone will send Lee the material they use for collecting background on homeowner story, other doc was for flyers used in canvassing to recruit people.

Expert Confidentiality

Suggested experts need to sign sheet about keeping homeowner info confidential.

Suggested we empower people to make their own agreements between homeowner and expert.

Need to look at our info packet to see if we are adequately telling homeowner they need to stick up for themselves, do their research, ask questions.

ACTION: Reid to talk to Linda Stork about Project Reconomy Lawyer.

Suggested we not vet attorney’s. Homeowner needs to do that.

Idea: Create a foreclosure/homeowner support email list, so they can ask each other questions about lawyers, research, etc.

Suggested that we come up with a standards list that experts sign saying they will meet those.

Suggested that experts don’t come to our meetings, and we tell homeowners the resources available. We are here for support, to offer resources, educational, and do direct action.

Everyone twinkled in support of changing the foreclosure support meeting goals and structure. Next week we will vote on whether to do this and maybe a name change.
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