Fed Up Committee Meeting Minutes - 8/12/2012

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Fed Up Committee Meeting Minutes - 8/12/2012

Postby Vickie E » Mon Aug 13, 2012 8:32 pm

Fed Up Committee Meeting Minutes

Date/Time: August 12, 2012

Location: Occupy Outpost A

Facilitators: Mary B.

Attendees: Michael G., Cindy, Vickie, Graham, Mary, Peter, Fergus, Jan, Jennifer, James, Dave, Majeska, Allen, Art, Sharon, Lee, Gwendolyn, Michael, Jean

Minute Taker: Vickie

New literature
Register voters
Service dogs
Business cards
Accounting procedures for this action

People leaving stuff here. Concerns: There is one resident who has a shift scheduled, but did not stay for a shift last night and left her things here. Should there be a limit on how much is stored there? A couple of boxes per person? Sharon and James have been staying here every night. Everything Sharon owns will fit under her cot. Is a visual screen a possibility to hide things near porta-potty. The area around the porta-potty is not safe or secure. We are working on starting a homeless camp, and this is not a homeless camp. It was suggested that we write a rough draft of a policy. We want to make sure that the site is kept clean, and that there isn't too much stuff stored here. It was recommended that if you leave your stuff, you label it with your name. It was suggested that one way of filling slots would be to hold more meetings here, perhaps making porch space available for meetings. There will be followup on this issue.
UPDATE: Janet was evicted last night very respectfully and simply. She wasn't keeping her shifts and the group consensed to keep the cot a rotation on shift. We appreciate her and would welcome her to come work a day shift. She was told to sleep well and to take her time gathering her things, but that we did need her to take her items. She was told that we would also be holding small meetings in the space currently used by her items. It was suggested that one way of filling slots would be to hold more meetings here, perhaps making porch space available for meetings. There will be followup on this issue.
ACTION: Gwendolyn will look at meeting minutes and draft a policy for Occupy Outpost A. We discussed night shifts having a minimum of 3 people, probably 5 max. Shall we limit the amount of time people do nighttime peacekeeping? It was suggested that that is not a good idea. So far, we really haven't had a problem of too many people; if anything, too few people during day and evening shifts especially. There is room for 4 people to sleep on the porch. It was proposed that we do not limit the amount of time here.

ACTION: Vickie will ask regarding cost of cleaning Porta-potty twice a week.

It was suggested that we try to track expenditures of this occupation so that will give us an idea of how much these cost on a monthly basis, to help figure out what is needed to sustain the next one.

Painting the fence: Probably do it on a weekend. Power washing would not be appropriate. Will brush the fence to remove moss and other growing things. About 5 people volunteered brushes.
ACTION: Allen will let us know about paint; he will check with BRING about paint. We will try to go with non-VOC or low-VOC paint. If unable to, we will make sure to keep people informed of painting times so people with allergies can be aware of this happening.
ACTION: Graham will coordinate press/media when we get the painting date scheduled.

Shifts: There is a new shift from 8 to 11 p.m. Once again, it was suggested that we might want to have a shift captain. This person would make sure the shifts were covered. A blank to sign up for Captain was added to sign-up sheets.

Much discussion about the messaging and whether or not we are helping B of A. We are still learning. Some have the perception that this is shrinking OE, some feel it is helping us grow.
Make the message apparent. It was suggested that we frame the 1191 action as our way of combatting the banks' keeping their unlawfully foreclosed-on homes empty. To do this, we need to stand up on the side of neighborhoods impacted by bank policy. This action is also designed to develop credibility for challenges to business as usual regarding housing and banking policy. If we can demonstrate to John Q. Public that the banks are screwing over communities, and that people getting together and taking action can actually improve things, that will increase the chances of public acceptance of Opportunity Village Eugene.

New literature and voter registration. It was affirmed that Occupy is a nonpartisan organization. It is okay for Jennifer to work on voter registration. New literature: Post links on the web sites.
A proposal was made that the Foreclosure Committee select 3 articles for the table. Request $50 from finance for printing costs. Jean Stacey knows of a very inexpensive place to get things printed.
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