Homeless Solutions Committee meeting minutes Aug. 6, 2012

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Homeless Solutions Committee meeting minutes Aug. 6, 2012

Postby Barb Prentice » Tue Aug 14, 2012 2:38 pm

Homeless Solutions Committee
Monday Aug.6 , 2012
Attendees: Robin (facilitator), Michael G., Barb (notes), Michael C., Art, Sabra, Jean, Ruth, Lynn, Joe Kowsewik, Majeska, Finn, Carla,
Sub-Committee Reports
Laws and Barriers
Embarrassment of Riches
Newsletter article r
City update
Co-ordination with other OE committees
OH-FAC (Occupy Housing and Foreclosure Action Committee) (Training postponed)
Fed Up / Occupy the Laws
Welcoming committee
Finance: ?purchase dignity Village DVD?
Planning for a long term campaign for Housing as a Human Right
 Aug. 14 Evening presentation with Mark Lakeman at Unitarian Universalist Church 7:00 p.m.
 EWEB cutting low income funding by $500,000. Speak at Public meeting Tues. night at 7 or write to the EWEB Board (http://www.eweb.org/ContactUs.aspx?id=20) Sabra has sent out info.
Guest: Joe Kosewik
 Distributed packets of maps containing data on homeless children and their schools , suicide rates, poverty, etc.
 Eventually a color copy of these will be available at CALC (Michael?)
 Joe gets his stats by talking to people in agencies and govt. offices and then creates maps.
 Information: Lane County Juvenile Justice Center has suffered drastic cuts/ down to 8 beds. Over the years the Center has had an 80% success rate. Alicia Hayes is the new director.
 Discussion of how to use the school homeless statistics: Need to demonstrate the problem to the community vs. the need to be sensitive to the reputations of individual schools
 Help in gathering stats and mapping them might be the U. O. Planning Public Policy and Management Department. Perhaps some students might be interested in taking this on a project / also teaches grant writing. Should be contacted.
Subcommittee reports
 Laws and barriers meeting with Clair Syrett will be rescheduled.
OVE report
 Meeting with Mark Lakeman on Aug. 14. See above.
 Letter sent to attendees of the July 24th meeting at Cesar Chavez asking them to contact City Council about finding alternative sites for OVE
 There is a lack of policies and procedures in implementing
 There was an RG editorial in 2008 opposing exclusion zone
Occupy the Lawns
 Site is 12th and Lawrence
 Getting good response – people walking by stop to talk/ positive feedback
 Need more volunteers / 3 hour shifts
 Owner of property, Karen Atkinson has been reached by authorities. She is upside down on her mortgage. The plan is for her to contact Occupy, and Art believes she will allow them to stay UPDATE from Fed-UP: Karen has been contacted by Beatrice and granted her permission for Occupy to remain until further notice.
 Signs were stolen / a sign making station would be a good idea.
 Lynn will donate his copy of Dignity Village Tool Kit to be located at CALC. HSSC will not buy any copies.
Housing as a Human Right Campaign
 Sabra is circulating a statement that people can sign to support the concept. She is including a summary of the recently passed RI law.
 Plan to use this as a basis for an amendment to the city charter declaring same.
 Discussion: Is this a new civil rights struggle? Do we want to talk about classicism? Is this the most effective language? Do we lose people by calling it class warfare? Opinion expressed opposing using the rhetoric of war. Suggestion to use “discrimination by socio-economic status” rather than classicism.
 Need to involve many groups: ESSN, Occupy, Human Rights Commission, Occupy Interfaith, etc.
What’s Next?
 Work on expanding camping program / create a brochure that describes it and reach out to churches and businesses.
 To be continued…
Facilitator Aug. 13: Carla
Contact Majeska (Majeska Seese Green majeska@efn.org) by Sunday evening with agenda items
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