Homeless Solutions Committee Minutes Monday, Aug. 13, 2012

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Homeless Solutions Committee Minutes Monday, Aug. 13, 2012

Postby Barb Prentice » Tue Aug 14, 2012 2:41 pm

Homeless Solutions Committee
Monday Aug.13 , 2012

Attendees: Carla (facilitator), Michael G., Barb (notes), Michael C., Art, Sabra, Jean, Art, Helen
Newsletter article r
City update
Village update
CALC photo exhibit
Co-ordination with other OE committees
OH-FAC (Occupy Housing and Foreclosure Action Committee) (Training postponed)
Fed Up / Occupy the Laws
Welcoming committee
Planning for a long term campaign for Housing as a Human Right
Ongoing: structure of committee

• Aug. 14 Evening presentation with Mark Lakeman at Unitarian Universalist Church 7:00 p.m.
• Aug. 14 ACLU Civil Conversation: Freedom of Religion 5:30pm Café Yumm, 730 East Broadway,
Occupy Newsletter
• Robin and Sabra are writing an article about Homeless Bill of Rights campaign
• CALC will have article about their photo exhibit of Homeless people
• City Council will be discussing on Sept. 17. Need for people to speak and write councilors and mayor.
• Jean reported that we are still having trouble getting reports from the police about exclusion zone statistics
• 35% of exclusion zone citations were set aside as inappropriate (i.e. offence not eligible) either by a judge or superior police officer. 62% of people issued citations were without an address
City Updates
• Laws and Barriers has not met, but will have only one more meeting with Claire Syrett, because she is running for City Council
• There is no mention of site selection report on the City Council agendas in September. Need to contact city council and mayor and City Manager requesting that this be put on the agenda: mayorcouncilandcitymanager@ci.eugene.or.us Please send a cc to op.village@gmail.com
• Welcoming and Foreclosures Committees is planning to canvass about homelessness.
• Jean will contact Mari B about what is happening with canvass
• Barb, Sabra and Robin said they were interested in canvassing, but needed training. Michael volunteered to do training.
• Decision: HSSC Committee supports the concept and encourages the development of a canvass.

Homeless Bill of Rights
• Robin circulated the sheet she and sabra developed which references the RI Homeless Bill of Rights. On the back are Statement of Support talking points. This is not a petition YET, but is gather contact information for the future Petition campaign
• We agreed to have copies at tomorrow night’s meeting and Robin will make copies for that.
• Michael will send it to Ken Neubeck .

Committee Coordination
• Eugene Celebration Committee meeting at 4 pm today
• Fed- Up/ Occupy lawns needs people to be at 12th and Lawrence during the day
• CALC: Michael asked people to help find homeless individuals for the photo exhibit. Wome especially have been reluctant to have their photos taken.

• Support the backyard camping program. More sites needed. Covers only about 100 people
• Suggestion to create a brochure describing what is legal for backyard camping : how many people know that the can have someone camping in their yard (outside of street view) if they allow access to bathroom.
• Support the Egan Warming Center: Doug Bales reports they may have to cut back due to lack of enough volunteers. Jean will ask if using empty school buildings is a possibility. We will continue discussion on Egan next week.
• Carla reported that the
• Eugene Mission has become much more welcoming and respectful of its clients. They have invited in mental health and social service agencies, including Whitebird , are looking for volunteer medical personnel. Carla will report back on the mission expansion program at a later meeting

Jean has collected many statistics on homelessness and DSPZ. She will input these into a word document to share and someone will organize them at a later date.
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