Fed Up Committee Meeting Minutes - 8/19/2012

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Fed Up Committee Meeting Minutes - 8/19/2012

Postby Vickie E » Sun Aug 19, 2012 8:58 pm

Christina; Carla; Scott; Ellen; James C; John M; Art; Vickie E.; Sharon; Lee; Michael E; Mary B; Beatrice; Michael G; Lance [while working on fence repair project]; Dave P; Cindy.

Facilitator: John Monroe
Note taker: Mary B.

First Friday Artwalk:
Scott F. presented idea. September 7th at Outpost A - 5:30-8:00. Occupy Art verses Occupier Art. Nearest show is 3.5 blocks away. Ellen points out we need signs for direction. Beatrice - sidewalk chart yellow brick roads. Invite neighbors. Lee said yes, she liked and also noted we could still do a neighborhood BBQ as we talked about before. Christina reviewed what comm comm can do to promote. Dark by 8:00. Art suggested movie night combined.

Scott will get musician and art. Others to-do's call for entries; promotion, inviting neighbors, food. Beatrice wonders where food comes from. Bring something if you can.

Vickie pointed out that the show 3.5 blocks away might not be on the walk that night - we'd need to figure out closet one and sidewalk chalk from there.

Carla - wants more ribbons. John M will talk to Cooper about making more. Vickie E will help as well. Dianne McWhorter offered to make ribbons as well. Lee will follow up with her.

Move discussion to email list regarding logistics.

Fence, recruitment opportunity, invite press.
Fence being repaired now, wire brush on its way. Allan is trying to find donated paint. Bring turned down without 501(3)(c). Will try Jerry's. Michael G. - try Forest Paint if Jerry's does donate. Michael G. suggested videotaping.

Lee suggested one press release. Others wanted two separate press releases. More press the better. Lee now convinced 2 press releases is way to go.

"Paint a picket - Come to Labor Day." - Beatrice.

Want it done by the Art Walk, Sept 7th.

Christina will do press release. Lee will do facebook when we get the date.
Will further discussion with date etc on Tuesday.

Character of Meeting:
Mary B. noted two things: (1) some don't even why we use consensus and what our process is - for example, recently some did not understand what stack means. (2) culture of respect and breakdown during meetings.

Discussion about how best to inform people about consensus and process. Proposal - if new person present, do brief process wrap. If person comes late, someone will take them aside and review. Consensed: 3 minute wrap at beginning if new person, pull aside if person comes late. Best if we had three or so that can do this wrap. Keep in mind we can revist if not working.

(2) culture of respect/communication: how best can we help keep the meeting welcoming and help people de-escalate when people get upset at meetings. Do we need to empower facilitator to have people step aside if someone is upset and invite someone to go with them to help de-escalate? Group take times out: take 5 deep breathes, hold hands, minute of silence - something for morale? Could be suggested by anyone. Good place for us to start. Carla reviewed what SUGAR committee does and offered support whenever anyone felt the need.

Proposal: for 2 months try timeout system, anyone can propose it, left to the discretion of the facilitator [with suggestion from person proposing as to what break looks like]. Mention it during process wrap at beginning of meeting. Carla will tickle calendar for 2 months. Consensus reached.

Discussed how we may bring people back who have left upset. Acknowledged that we should let them know how they were valued.

Meeting Minutes:
Binder for minutes. When they are posted to the forum if people also sent to list serve with a link, more will read them.

Tabled remaining until Tuesday:
Movie Night
Shifts, Standby; recruitment - Interfaith
Book - conv. with cops and other officials
Site Appearance - James mentioned chairs need to be picked up. Sharon noted dishes and little pieces of wrappings being left.
Neighbor report.
Agenda item for Tuesday: David - techniques for keeping and re-introducing old members of Occupy.
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