08.22.2012 OHFAC Support

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08.22.2012 OHFAC Support

Postby ReidKimball » Thu Aug 23, 2012 6:20 pm

Attendees: Brian, Erica, Kevin, Darshana, Vickie, Patricia, Dave, Laurel, Gayle

ACTION: Reid to get key for room to get signup sheets.
Brian and Erica are wondering if the mediation process set forth in 1552 can be used to stall their upcoming auction.

Dave and Laurel - lived in house for 12 yrs, mortgage sold to BoA from Country Wide, they would like their interest rates lowered.


Kevin – got a mortgage modification review from BoA asking for bank stubs. Sent a request and BoA stalled previously so it expired. Still in the process to turn in application, started in April.

Patricia – Filing an appeal for the eviction.

Vickie - foreclosure was moved from non-judicial to judicial. Waiting to see what this really means.

Darshana – has judicial foreclosure, went to Jud. He said there could be fraudulent docs but original lender will still want payments. Jud suggested trying to pressure to get loan modification instead of trying to nail them for fraudulent. He sent a letter to lender asking for 15 days before sending her into default. She’s trying to get paperwork together for a loan modification.

Has to show she able to pay 31% of payment in mortgage w/ her income. Darshana is wondering how she can prove that she has income to get a loan mod.

Vickie suggests that no one is giving modifications.

Gayle – was told to go to HAMP when loan mod w/ BoA was unsustainable.

Laurel – owe 20K to BoA. Underwater. House lost value, second mortgage is 64k underwater. Not current on payments interest rate is killing them. Goal to lower interest rate. Looking for under 4%. It’s 6.87% now. Valued at 142K, total to owe is almost 200K. Laurel is a home personal care assistant. Eric is a mill construction worker?

Malcolm is offering new loans to people if the bank can produce the note. Wells Fargo is beginning to produce original notes.

Brian – Erica, told to do short sale, 242K owe BoA, lost job, lost child support, Tried loan mod w/ BoA, refinanced in 2010, which disqualified her for a loan mod. Auction Sept 4th. Goal to make payments affordable to stay, but if not possible, buy time to sell it at proper value so she has money to move somewhere else.

Not making payments for 2 yrs.

Wants to know if can use new mediation process to stale sale.

Eric was told about using Malcolm’s letter.

Robert – no change in situation, same as last month.

Malcom is putting money down on property, like Linda Storks wet lands.

Wells Fargo – has original mortgage note on some mortgages. Deed and mortgage note need to go together. Offer equitably mortgage interest rate.

Linda Stork – took a loan with Malcolm, into Malcolm’s trust.

Linda Stork was told to leave by sheriff eviction? But didn’t leave and they left.

Darshana – wants foreclosure support email list.

ACTION: Reid to create email newsletter.

ACTION: Patricia to create yahoo email list.

Laurel suggested writing register guard, maybe EW a testimonial of her first meeting at our Foreclosure Support group.

ACTION: Reid to find article “Federal regulators allow more time for reviews of foreclosures.”

ACTION: Reid to send Darshana Sheriff letter.
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