08.23.2012 OHFAC Biz/Actions

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08.23.2012 OHFAC Biz/Actions

Postby ReidKimball » Thu Aug 23, 2012 6:22 pm

Attendees: Patricia, Reid, Fergus

Did not discuss any issues or actions. Turned into a work meeting. Patricia worked on the yahoo email list for Foreclosure Support Group.

Reid worked on sending meeting notes from Foreclosure Support Group meeting.

Fergus roundtable conversation this Aug 30th. Event will have a realtor and mediator, lauren schickling may not be able to come, possibly have patricia or Vickie take her place on the panel discussion. Meeting is on a Thurs at 7p, conflicts with our biz/actions meetings. The realtor is being given lobbyist talking points regarding 1552.

Nancy Koerber says that with the recent court of appeals ruling, non-judicial foreclosures will not work if MERS is involved.

Nancy Koerber told Fergus, to date BoA has not done any judicial foreclosure. Nancy is skeptical 1552 will help homeowners.

Nancy has been tracking 1191. Possible that Karen is liable for deficiency judgement for property being abandoned. One way for Karen to become free of it is to sign it over to someone else, like a non-profit or Occupy. But they can be held liable for any deficiency judgment.


Nancy offered participating in a phone conference with Karen.

We will pain the fence, hopefully Karen will be on board, gain her trust.

Nancy said that for 6 months after judicial foreclosure there is a right of redemption and they can’t evict a person.

Deficiency judgment is you get 1099 for the difference between what it was sold for at auction vs. what was owed.

Nancy said people going into mediation need to request authorization of loan servicer agreement.

ACTION: Reid to invite FED-UP to next Thurs meeting to talk about staffing 1191.
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