Fed up Committee Meeting Minutes - 8/26/2012

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Fed up Committee Meeting Minutes - 8/26/2012

Postby Vickie E » Sun Aug 26, 2012 8:43 pm

Fed Up Committee

Date/Time: August 26, 2012

Location: Occupy Outpost A

Facilitator: Fergus
Stack: Dave
Attendees: Art, Sharon, Beatrice, Fergus, Vickie, Mary B, Reid, Cindy, Eve, Allan, Dave, Carla, Michael G, Aris, James
Minute Taker: Vickie E

Process Explanation
Shifts - Union Coverage
Strategic Planning Meeting 10
Fence painting details 10
Art walk update 10
City/Police/Neighbor update 5
Printed materials update 5
Can we bring people back to OE?
Messaging and James' sign

SEIU training attended by Fergus and Majeska. Union Activist Training. Angela McKinney, director of We are Oregon. They have 4 full-time union members. They do a lot of activism on foreclosure. Angela: Long-range planning. Open discussion and brainstorming on strategic planning. Mock direct action where everyone confronted a boss who cheated an employee. Angela offered to do a facilitated discussion on strategic planning.

OH-FAC will start next Thursday's meeting at 5:30, and invite Fed Up and Welcoming to discuss long-term strategy regarding Occupy Outpost A. Some will be leaving that meeting early to attend event at EWEB. Everyone is welcome to join Occupy Eugene's Foreclosure committee for a roundtable discussion of Senate Bill 1552- Oregon's new foreclosure law Thursday August 30, at 7 PM. Our featured speakers are foreclosure mediator Chip Coker of Mediation Services;  John Hooks,  a Windermere Realty broker, and a homeowner personally dealing with foreclosure. At the Eugene Water and Electric Board Community Room, 500 East 4th St. Thursday August 30, at 7 PM. Bring your questions and your stories.

ACTION: Art will talk to ESSN about getting shift coverage.

Randy still working on prepping with the wire brush.
ACTION: Allan will bring another wire brush or 2.
It was discussed that we may not really need to use primer, and it might make more sense to just paint it, doing 2 coats on the new pickets. Painting on Monday, September 3rd. 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. with press conference for 11 a.m. We will need approximately $65 for paint if we go with recycled BRING low VOC paint.
Christina has offered to donate for paint. Proposal to ask Finance to make up the difference. It was consensed to ask Finance for paint money, and Mary will let finance know we consensed on this at today's meeting. Tom Sawyer Work Party? Paint A Picket seemed to be favored.
ACTION: Allan will email Christina regarding the press release to get to the Eugene Weekly. We will need a spokesperson for press conference. We should ask Christina to do tweets regarding Paint A Picket.

flier for event -- Patricia (small) Scott (large)
Copy fliers -- Patricia and Scott
fliers put up around town (Scott has list) Dave, Christina, Randy
Vickie will email Scott to make sure that he contacted Julie regarding artwalk map and flyer posting location list
signs to lead art walk to OP A --
Notice of the event to different calenders and press prior
Press release -- Christina? -- Make sure we mention refreshments in press release.
Take in art -- Scott? Thursday between 5 and 8, and Friday between 10 and 3 p.m.
Hang show (people can hang their own too)
Take down show
Coordinate musicians -- Scott?
Lit. for table -- Dave and Reid -- Harpers, Rolling Stone, Eugene Weekly
Occupiers to table lit. table - Vickie, James, Fergus, Dave
People to talk if press show -- Scott
Coordinate potluck refreshments --
I have extra table for sculpture, lit. etc.
Register-Guard: Visit to editor? Scott?

City of Eugene was urged to use discretion, and so far they have. An officer came by to check and was told everything was fine now.

Dave and Reid have selected articles for printing. Camilla Mortenson article.
ACTION: Michael and Dave will get together to write blurb for reprinting articles.

Can we bring people back to Occupy Eugene? Derek? Larry? Fergus: "Forming storming norming and performing"
It was suggested that we might want to speak with others that have been in Occupy and perhaps have an event to hear feedback as to why they left. Maybe time for apologies. Dave is planning on apologizing to Lauren/Jamil.
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