Homeless Solutions Committee meeting minutes Aug. 20, 2012

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Homeless Solutions Committee meeting minutes Aug. 20, 2012

Postby Barb Prentice » Sat Sep 01, 2012 9:11 am

Homeless Solutions Committee
Monday Aug.20, 2012
Attendees: Art (facilitator), Michael G., Barb (notes), Michael C., Sabra, Helen, Joe K., Carla,
Ruth, Jennifer, Peter, Christopher
Subcommittee reports –Laws and Barriers
City update
Statement of Support for Housing as a Human right
Occupy the Lawns report
OE Canvass
Plan B and Next Steps
Public Bathrooms
Announcements  Aug. 25 Eugene Celebration Parade Occupy entry will be about Foreclosure # 33. Health Care for All will meet at South Eugene High School Wear your Occupy ID wherever you are marching in parade
Subcommittee reports –Laws and Barriers
 Has not met
City Update
 Reminder to contact city staff and council to put site selection for OVR on a work session agenda
OVE Report and Mark Lakeman’s presentation on Aug. 14
 200 people in attendance
 Good mix of supporters and some neighbors
 Andy has info on 120 people who signed up and has sent out an email. He will add names to op.village@gmail.com
 Andy suggested a letter should be sent to City council with site suggestions listed by attendees
 Question about having Mark back: Venues: Occupy Interfaith / Look for UO cosponsor and have meeting early in academic year to involve students /Friends of Trees possible cosponsor
Statement of Support
 Suggestions for slight changes were made. Michael C. offered to put CALC phone # on it as a contact.
 Robin will make changes and send out a corrected form via email for people to copy and distribute
 Suggestion to make broadsides and put up all over city ?UN Bill of Rights, article 25?
Occupy the Lawns report
Painting of the white picket fence to begin
Need people to staff site
OE Canvass
Peter and Jennifer reported successful canvassing in Whitaker
Jana Thrift is contact person 541 606-2025
Plan B and/or Next Steps
 Lobby for City Hall as homeless shelter (?)
 Find where people are already camping and help them create community (Two unofficial campsites are behind Walmart and in Glenwood)
 We should find out how many blankets are distributed by St. Vinnies and others to demonstrate how many homeless people there are
 Covered porches are a possibility for those who want to be “home free” so that they can be out of the rain
 Need storage facilities; teen center
Public Bathrooms
 City Hall 24 hour bathroom will be closed. (confirmed by Michael C. 8/20)
 Broadway Building needs bathrooms cleaned regularly
 Write to City Council asking for more 24 hour bathrooms. What is cleaning schedule
 Downtown Neighborhood Association - 3 bathrooms – signs should be posted
 Sabra contacted Whitebird to see what it would cost to have Whitebird attending a port-a- potty in Whitaker.
 CALC will have an intern investigate what bathrooms are actually available including hours open
Facilitator for next meeting: Art
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