Homeless Solutions Committee meeting minutes Aug. 272012

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Homeless Solutions Committee meeting minutes Aug. 272012

Postby Barb Prentice » Sat Sep 01, 2012 9:12 am

Homeless Solutions Committee
Monday Aug.27, 2012

Attendees: Art (facilitator), Michael G., Barb (notes), Sabra, Robin, Helen, Ruth, Ron Milton
Subcommittee reports –Laws and Barriers/ Embarrassment of Riches/ Homeless Bill of rights
Plan B –HSSC or OVE
Outpost A –Fed-Up
City update: Woolworth Building
Mark Lakeman: Plans for a revisit
OE Canvass
Public Bathrooms. CALC intern?

• Helen says that the Greyhound Bus Terminal has a large empty space which formerly housed a café. Possible place for storage for homeless.
Subcommittee reports
Laws and Barriers
• Has not met. Possible issues to consider: DPSZ, Backyard camping, Selective enforcement of illegal camping laws
Embarrassment of Riches
• Edible min-gardens downtown. Kitty Lishuss is proposing
• Discussion of expanding definition of Emb. Of riches: City commandeers and subsidizes projects that take away ownership and control from neighbors and volunteers.
Homeless Bill of Rights
• Robin and Sabra have been distributing. Have collected some contact info.
• Sabra will be contacting the Portland group. Dignity Village and Sisters of the Road are involved.
• Suggestion to contact John Davidson and Ken Neuback for their suggestions, either together or separately.
• Fence painting on Labor Day at Lawrence site. All hands welcome
• Discussion of where to get paint. BRING is cheapest. Robin will check with Habitat Store asking for a donation. Question is painting or whitewash?
• Currently working on a budget. Considering asking for donations for a packet such as building one structure or setting up a kitchen.
City update
• Consternation was expressed at the city’s leasing of the Woolworth Building, of which it is using only a small part. Here is an excerpt from Aug. 19 Register Guard article:

“To date, the city of Eugene is the main tenant in the Woolworth Building, a five-story, 50,000- square-foot structure with a blond brick facade. In April, the city began paying $48,100 a month ($577,200 a year) to lease 26,000 square feet. Two city departments, human resources and risk services, which handles insurance and other matters, occupy a little under half that space — 10,000 square feet on the second floor.
The city also will pay for the 16,000 square feet of space that it isn’t using until the building owners find other tenants to lease the space. The city agreed to that in order to help the local Bennett family, owners of the Downtown Athletic Club, and the other Woolworth project partners secure a $6.9 million loan from Siuslaw Bank, clearing the way for the $10.8 million construction project.
“Our lease is for 10 years,” said Denny Braud, city development analyst. The lease guarantees that the city will pay for the space it isn’t using for up to seven years if a tenant isn’t found, he said, “But we don’t expect it to take that long.”

• Still need people to contact Council and mayor about getting village site selection on a Work Session.
Revisit by Mark Lakeman
• Possibly involve U.O. Dept. of Architecture. Concern that they would want to take it over. Might discuss City Repair Project at U.O. Robin has contact and will follow up.
• Suggest more than one speaking opportunity
• Barb will contact Andy who has a relationship with Mark. [Note: Andy is contacting Mark about his availability and his ideas for presentations]
OE Canvass
• Consists of handouts and talking to people
• Organized by Occupy Welcoming Committee. Contact is Jana 541 606-2025 / greenfieldsinfo@yahoo.com
• Suggestion that we canvass neighborhoods where we think city councilors are sympathetic to Homeless needs.
Public Bathrooms
• Will a CALC intern be doing research?
• Suggestion that once determined, a map of public bathrooms and the hours available be put in alleys which people are presently using as “latrines”
• Perhaps o video of such places being cleaned up would spur some action on part of city or citizens
• Mentioned that more businesses are putting up “For Customers Only” signs. Possible some of this at behest of insurance companies.
• Ongoing effort to get a Whitaker public port-a-potty.
• $80 a month is the regular fee for port-a potty. Includes minimal maintenance?
• Ask how much it costs to maintain public bathrooms downtown?
• How much to have crisis workers from Whitebird maintain public bathrooms with the idea that they would be able to manage crisis situations.
• Could homeless people be employed at minimum wage to clean bathrooms? Question of supervision.
• Reported that Portland has put up many public restrooms. Check out this story in the LA Times:
http://www.latimes.com/news/nationworld ... 4499.story (pretty impressive, Barb)

Next Meeting: Mon. Sept. 10 (skipping a week due to Labor Day holiday) Facilitator: Michael C.
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