fed up Committee Meeting Minutes - 8/28/2012

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fed up Committee Meeting Minutes - 8/28/2012

Postby Vickie E » Sun Sep 02, 2012 1:59 pm

Fed Up Committee

Date/Time: August 28, 2012

Location: Occupy Outpost A

Attendees: Art, Vickie, Sharon, James, Fergus
Minute Taker: Vickie

I must apologize for these mostly copied, practically non-existent minutes. If I remember correctly, this meeting had poor turnout and there was casual discussion about the fence painting and art walk projects. Sorry--Vickie



Vickie will email Scott to see how tasks are doing.

flier for event -- Patricia (small) Scott (large)
Copy fliers -- Patricia and Scott
fliers put up around town (Scott has list) Dave, Christina, Randy
Vickie will email Scott to make sure that he contacted Julie regarding artwalk map and flyer posting location list
signs to lead art walk to OP A --
Notice of the event to different calenders and press prior
Press release -- Christina? -- Make sure we mention refreshments in press release.
Take in art -- Scott? Thursday between 5 and 8, and Friday between 10 and 3 p.m.
Hang show (people can hang their own too)
Take down show
Coordinate musicians -- Scott?
Lit. for table -- Dave and Reid -- Harpers, Rolling Stone, Eugene Weekly
OEers to table lit. table - Vickie, James, Fergus, Dave
People to talk if press show -- Scott
Coordinate potluck refreshments --
I have extra table for sculpture, lit. etc.
Register-Guard: Visit to editor? Scott?
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