Fed Up Committee Meeting Minutes - 9/9/2012

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Fed Up Committee Meeting Minutes - 9/9/2012

Postby Vickie E » Sun Sep 09, 2012 9:55 pm

Fed Up Committee

Date/Time: September 9, 2012

Location: Occupy Outpost A

Facilitator: Fergus
Attendees: Art, Beatrice, Vickie, Sharon, Fergus, Michael, Cindy, Dave, Ambrose, Reid
Minutes: Vickie

Karen working group
Review of art walk. Continue monthly
Newspapers at Library

Karen: The subcommittee for the Karen question met at 4 p.m. at the library. Beatrice should be added to those communications and notified of meetings scheduled. It was suggested that we mention that we don't have an office for Occupy when contacting Karen. OEV will be closing at end of September. It was decided that we need to let Karen guide the use of the property. Moving homeless people in was discussed, and whether that is what Karen might want is yet to be discovered. It was discussed there are 3 phases. Taking care of property will be easier if we have someone inside. Step 2 is the process of contesting the foreclosure. We would be fighting the foreclosure and this could be a lengthy process. Step 3 is long-term goals. It was once again discussed that we need to find a new place for Occupy. Others were very much about moving a homeless family in, and that that would be the most advantageous plan. Patricia and Beatrice have both had contact with Karen. Do we need to have an expert/legal help present during the phone call? This is a great location for outreach. We may not have it for very long. Staffing is one of the most pressing issues. Another priority is the place is going up for auction, so postponing the auction may be key for longevity. It was proposed that email be sent to find out Karen' feelings about opening up the house, and talking about 2 ideas, using it for office space and/or using it for moving someone in. This proposal was removed. It was proposed that Patricia call Karen. It was eventually proposed and consensed that Beatrice contact Karen via email in hopes of determining how she feels about use of the inside of 1191 and whether she might want intervention for her foreclosure. Reid and Beatrice discussed getting video of art walk to share with Karen.

Art walk: It was very successful. We made $85.

Community Land Trust: There is a legal documentation regarding how to do the trust. Trust can be requested on an educational basis. Housing bubble and how it has affected the economy. Art based on the housing bubble. That idea could be introduced to the neighbors.

Wifi: Apple Airport. Vickie will check and see if she has an apple airport. Dave is willing to talk to Lisa at Beyond Toxics. Robin is willing to talk to Lisa. It was suggested that 2 people talk to her, one of them being a woman (Robin). Robin and Dave will arrange a chance to ask. Update: Vickie has an apple airport she is willing to loan to Occupy Eugene, and she sent a message to Chase to see if he would be able to provide technical support for getting internet up and secure.

It was suggested that we begin recycling and/or composting. The practicality of composting was questioned, worry about flies, etc. Michael thinks he can contain it. Michael will work on recycling. Decision-making process was discussed, and it was suggested that this issue might be better dealt with at a future meeting.
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