OH-FAC! Support Meeting - September 12, 2012

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OH-FAC! Support Meeting - September 12, 2012

Postby Vickie E » Wed Sep 12, 2012 9:01 pm

Occupy Housing and Foreclosure Actions Committee Minutes

Date/Time: September 12, 2012

Location: Growers Market

Facilitators: Fergus and Reid

Attendees: Aimee, Patricia, Vickie, Dave, Laurel, David, Janet, Reid, Malcolm, Fergus, Gayle (briefly)

Minutes: Vickie


Laurel looked up deed. B of A did not file papers when they took over from Countrywide. Reid assisted and on the MERS site, it does show as B of A as the lender.

When Patricia's judge looked it up, the banks are not required to file transfer papers with the county if it is one bank being bought out by another. National settlement: 49 AGs settled with 5 banks. The banks are under legal mandate to do loan modifications. It was suggested that Dave and Laurel contact the attorney general's office before contacting B of A.

You don't have to be a lawyer to stand up for your rights.

Do we deal with the local offices of the bank? They are not capable of making decisions for loan mods. Usually the ones who make those decisions are from national offices. Some people are putting their payments into escrow instead of sending to the bank. Some are sending their payments in registered, return receipt requested. Paying in person at local branches, they receive receipts.

David: His house was a non-judicial foreclosure. House sold at auction to a government agency, Ginnie Mae. Letter received, Routh, Crabtree, Olsen (RICO). MERS cannot do a non-judicial foreclosure. Niday v MERS. Court of Appeals.
David is filing paper with county court to request a restraining order against bank and others against evicting him. David's preference is to fight the bank, and he wants his house back. The bank is in violation because they didn't respond to QWR. In order the drag the banks to court, you need documentation. If they push him, he will consider other options including involving Occupy. David will try to come to tomorrow night's meeting.

Janet has been avoiding stress, and has not reviewed her papers yet. Insurance issues still exist as far as Janet owing insurance money. Patricia volunteered to help her get her papers organized.

Vickie update. She received letter from RICO, suggesting that she contact Wells Fargo. Single point of contact is not returning her call. She spoke with attorney at RICO, who said the first step will be being served with papers, and that judicial foreclosures are taking 6 to 12 months to complete.

Darshana: Received letter of intent. Jud did a letter requesting 10-day notice. Letter she received was a notice of intent to take a default pursuant to her house. Her income is changing. This is a judicial foreclosure.

We need to get license plate and id if possible of people who are asking for info from 1191. Malcolm would like this information to pass along to attorney general.

Reid will contact Patricia about pictures of Outpost A art walk, etc.
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