09.13.2012 OHFAC Biz/Actions

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09.13.2012 OHFAC Biz/Actions

Postby ReidKimball » Fri Sep 14, 2012 7:40 pm


Attendees: reid, vickie, kitte, majeska, david, eddy, nancy, mark, patricia, michael, gabrielle, don, dave, cindy, madaline

Patricia/David, Eviction Defense

Kitte gave us lot of documents, audio, and other resources

David will wait 30 days until notifying the defendants about his restraining order. His restraining order in circuit court cost 230. He thinks he has 90 days.

Right now, he wants to setup a network of people who can rapidly arrive with cameras to film any eviction.

Think he’ll receive a notice warning of an eviction in 72 hrs.

Kitte and Reid will arrive when needed.

Talked about cel.ly eviction defense networks.

Reid will check the cel.ly lists to find which one is appropriate for general support. But keep developing the private activist list.

When do we send txts, what do they say?

A couple neighbors may be supportive of helping David.

David wants to stay by getting a quiet a title.

Nancy suggests if the bank doesn’t own the note, you can’t get a quiet title from them. She offered David her assistance.

Project Reconomy was involved in Niday case.

Goals for 1191

Reid’s goal is to house a homeless family

Dave’s goal is to establish a activist outpost

Vickie goal to establish who will contact Karen and get feedback from Karen if she wants to fight auction, and if OK if someone is inside, (homeless family or occupy).

Majeska, short-term contact Karen, long-term property into CLT for low income people and in meantime, put in a homeless family or occupy office.

Fergus’ goals -

Long Term:
• Community control of common space and land
• Housing as a human right
• Holding banks accountable for lending and foreclosure practices
• Development of community capital pools and a local money system

Medium Term:
• Build community support for Opportunity Village
• Help financially stressed homeowners stay in their homes
• Build community awareness about foreclosure and options homeowners have
• Find ways to house homeless people in empty houses
• Work to provide legal and material support for those without a place to sleep at night

Short Term:
• Convert 1191 from a neighborhood hazard to a benefit
• Save 1191 Lawrence from foreclosure
• Use 1191 to build community awareness about foreclosure
• Explore use of 1191 as a base to work on our short-, medium-, and long-term goals
• Obtain quiet title on 1191 Lawrence
• If necessary, find funds to buy 1191 Lawrence (short sale?) and sell as affordable housing
• Eviction defense

ACTION: Patricia will send someone the letter for review, and then send later.
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