Finance Minutes 9/16/12

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Finance Minutes 9/16/12

Postby Jesse » Sun Sep 16, 2012 5:31 pm

Comcast has been cancelled at OEV end of Sept

Occupy The Trees T-Shirts - Moon's Request
Moon fronted $100 to print Occupy the Trees T-Shirts
Reimbursed herself from sales, but Larry disappeared with her money
Proposed that we return the remaining 6 shirts to her so she can sell the shirts on her own to recoup her lost funds
SUGAR Scholarship
Putting on a workshop on Sat.
Time is being donated, but need funding for materials for attendees - $30, but are offering scholarships for those that can't afford
Jan proposes we give them $100 scholarship fund, and we will match $1 (up to an additional $100) for every dollar donated from outside
Approved by committee
Anniversary planning committee - $200
Oct 15th day of action
Night time party - John providing lunch and dinner
Expenses include publicity, park fee, port-a-potties
Possibly could arrange with Saturday market to use their port-a-potties and just pay for 1 maintenance day
Approved by Committee
$47.00 for PO Box and stamps
Approved by committee

Ongoing Next Year Planning
Jan, Jain, John, and Ralph are planning on staying on the committee
Jesse still wants to contribute, but may be leaving at some point
Planned to meet 1 day a week on Sunday at 6:30 pm
Proposed that we set a guideline that if member misses 4 meetings without notification, they are removed from committee until future participation at 2 meetings
Majeska's treasurer status discussed as to whether there is a need for such a position
Committee decides that there is no need for a treasurer position in OE
Cary will talk to Majeska about this situation

OE Network Coalition
New working group to assist communication and coordination between committees
Jan and Cary will represent Finance
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