Fed Up Committee Meeting Minutes - 9/16/2012

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Fed Up Committee Meeting Minutes - 9/16/2012

Postby Vickie E » Mon Sep 17, 2012 8:40 pm

Fed Up Committee
Date/Time:  September 16, 2012

Location:  Occupy Outpost A

Facilitator:  Fergus
Attendees:  Art, Beatrice, Vickie, Sharon, Fergus, Dan, Cindy, Dave, Peter, Stephanie, Michael
Minutes: Vickie

Wolf: Lance was told he can't have the dog tied to the fence and that he wouldn't be able to park the car in the space.

The tenuous nature of keeping 1191 staffed in the daytime was discussed. It does not appear likely that 1191 will go into judicial foreclosure. Welcoming committee would be an important resource.  Perhaps they can help with staffing.

ACTION:  Vickie will check with usa-foreclosure.com. for status updates.
ACTION:  Vickie will call and get info about portapotty. Update: They will do a pro-rated charge.
Sharon is taking the next week off because she is moving.  Stephanie will be staying here in the evenings. 
Committee on consumer affairs, government.  Supreme Court will probably hear MERS case in January 2013.  Department of Justice said they will make interim rules permanent; the banks did not like this.   Nancie went to speak to Senator Richardson (republican), who threw MERS lobbiest out of his office. A realtor from Portland tracked down her mortgage information; the bonds on her mortgage were sold at least 3 times.  There were credit default swaps, and these are triggered by a payment being late by one day. 
Internet possibilities:  Century link or clearwire.  CenturyLink $20 to 40 per month, Clearwire is $40 per month. 
It was proposed that fed-up invite Angela McWinnie to facilitate a meeting on strategic planning on 1191 Lawrence plans on Thursday at 6 p.m. The feedback for this meeting was mixed, but more positive at this point.
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