09.19.2012 OH-FAC! Support Group

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09.19.2012 OH-FAC! Support Group

Postby ReidKimball » Wed Sep 19, 2012 5:19 pm

09.19.2012 OH-FAC! Support Group

Attendees: Reid, Malcolm, Fergus, Gayle, Majeska, Patricia, Darshana, Robert

Darshana talked to Jud. He said he did a response to the bank that she wants a modification. Can’t go with NEDCO because can’t show enough income. Jud thinks Deutsche bank can do a principle reduction.

Has given permission for Jud to talk to Malcolm about a new loan deal.

The deadline of 10 days was when they put the loan into default.

ACTION: Need to go to county court house to see if new docs recorded

Malcolm told Jud he’ll try to get a principle reduction for Darshana. If he gets principle reduction, Malcolm will give her a new loan. He will want to see the original note before completing a new loan.

Malcolm’s approach is a UCC transaction, it’s not a RESPA. It’s basic commercial law.

Malcolm said he wants to see Darshana’s house.

Jud is charging 500 a month for people who have little money.

Cindy Littrell, Jud is getting the bank to do a loan modification.

Patricia wrote a piece to the DoJ and Well’s Fargo. Attorney general told her if it goes to court she’ll get a lawyer.

She will continue fighting.

Majeska is meeting with Jud to file bankruptcy. She can add Reid to the list of who she owes money to.

It’s good to do this so she can say she can’t pay them money because she is in bankruptcy.

Majeska has a December court date for her Judicial foreclosure trial with 12 member jury.

Gayle, working with Tim still. He sent our letters. She visited a Fannie Mae website, they are an investor. In small print she found it said, “Acquired on May 1s5, 2007”. It’s important because a form with robosigners was on April 30th, on next day Fannie Mae acquired loan.

She filed a complaint, saying the reconveyance was fraudulent. Got an email from Fannie Mae last week. She’s giving Tim permission to act on her behalf. Tim is acting on her behalf without final paperwork signed?

GMAC is servicer. Will send letters to Comptroller and DoJ.

Robert finally got a statement in the mail. Nation Star is starting to do what they should be doing.
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