Finance Minutes 9/23/12

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Finance Minutes 9/23/12

Postby Jesse » Sun Sep 23, 2012 5:57 pm

Cell Phone for Outpost A - $50
$25/mo for 250 minutes and unlimited
Requested for previous month and this month
Proposed we pay this, but as the occupation there might not be continuing, future funding will have to be provided by the group
Cary will contact Mary

Port a Potty for Outpost A - $96.54
As an ongoing expense, this crosses over the $200 mark for this expenditure, so it should go before the GA
Jan will contact Fed-Up committee about having them taking it to a GA

Moon & Occupy the Trees T-shirts
Moon disagrees that she was supposed to reimburse herself from first $100 of sales, and she never got any money
Jesse proposes that we put up the remaining t-shirts for sale at the OEV yard sale, and reimburse her from the proceeds, and we will recoup her toward her $100
Cary thinks we have sold 2 shirts, so we will pay her $20 for those
Members of committee offer to provide additional matching funds, so we will be able to get Moon her $100
Jain will contact Moon
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