Sept 30 FedUp

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Sept 30 FedUp

Postby GrameenEugene » Sun Sep 30, 2012 9:40 pm

MaryB, Dave, Cindy Michael, Sharon, Art, Carla, Fergus, John M, Lee, Beatrice, Stephanie, Majeska, Jim, Jennefer John M facilitator Fergus notes

Mary expressed need to feel sure that information passed via email or in meetings is not shared with parties we're engaged or negotiating with without checking with group first. Consensus to require commitment not to allow conflicts of interest to interfere with their honest dealing when operating as a member of OE in order to be on the FedUp email listserve. Majeska stands aside.

Beatrice expressed anger and frustration that Michael's email regarding the invasion of 1191 by Peter's crew was passed to Karen by Patricia, and to Karen via Lauren S. by Fergus. She had to interrupt her life and devote enormous effort to mobilizing the effort to clear the guys out and also get the stuff off the porch as Karen had requested. Carla did some Sugar-type feedback work with her to be clear about her concerns. Fergus pledged not to break the agreed on chain of communication in the future.

Consensed that FedUp will participate if two members commit by Monday to attend this month's meeting, which is scheduled for the first Wednesday of the month at 6:30. Fergus volunteered, but no second person. Dave and Cindy can't do the first Wednesday because it conflicts with Health Care for All monthly meetings, but Dave is interested. Third Wednesdays works better. We the People meets 2nd & 4th Wednesdays.

Neighbor Jim offered to hook up some outside holiday lights so we can see to get to the PortaPotty. Jim also offered to email Karen and tell her that OE has greatly improved things in the neighborhood.
Beatrice reported a good long conversation with Nadine, who is pretty happy with us overall.
Michael reported that neighbor Jim has a ComCast hookup he would let us set up an account for to get wireless internet.
Beatrice repported feeling angry and imposed on and resigned from being our contact with Karen. She offered to continue to liason with Nadine.
Jim reported Tim Hermach will be in Lane Co Circuit Court tomorrow at 9 AM to answer an action regarding something to do with foreclosure on his house.

Patricia emailed Beatrice asking for the name and number of the "OE locksmith" because Karen might have a contractor inspect the house on Wednesday. FedUp decided not to respond to Patricia, but to deal directly with Karen.
Cindy, Lee and maybe MaryB are feeling like they're done with 1191.
Michael and Majeska were chosen as our communication team with Karen, representing FedUp and- tentatively- OH-FAC. Carla is backup. MaryB, Reid and (if she wants) Beatrice were suggested as a team for consulting where needed.
Proposal to request the $96 Vickie owes for the September PortaPotty bill be reimbursed was agreed at last Friday GA, but there was no quorum. So it needs to be supported by either one or two more GAs to be authorized. We decided to keep the PortaPotty another month- or at least did not decide to have it removed, which is the same thing.
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Re: Sept 30 FedUp

Postby Majeska » Tue Oct 02, 2012 11:34 am

>Consensus to require commitment not to allow conflicts of interest to interfere with their honest dealing when operating as a member of OE in order to be on the FedUp email listserve. Majeska stands aside.

That is not exactly what I was standing aside from. Sorry if I was not following it exactly as others including notetaker may have understood it. Those present may recall there was some challenge as to what to include in the minutes, so I will leave it at that.
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