09.27.12 OHFAC Actions/Biz

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09.27.12 OHFAC Actions/Biz

Postby ReidKimball » Thu Oct 04, 2012 2:16 pm

09.27.2012 OH-FAC! Actions/Biz

Attendees: Reid, Cindy, Fergus, Edie, Patricia, Lina, Michael G., David L., Dave P., Beatrice, Art, Majeska,

Facilitator: Reid

Notetaker: Lina

Michael G: Can I make an announcement about the HSSC committee that we are trying to get the Occupy folks to support? Houseless Solutions Support is creating a campaign called “Clean Bathrooms 24/7”.

Auction for 1191 may or may not be on for Oct 15th, 10am at Lane County Public Service Building. It’s not listed on all the foreclosure auction websites, but some don’t trust the new info to be correct.


35% of the house [1191] could be dedicated to the house and the rest [65%] living quarters.

There’s been no concrete response from Karen about giving us official documented permission to be inside 1191.

Some want to move away from 1191 while others still work with it.

There are two issues on people’s minds, stopping the foreclosure and getting permission from Karen to use the interior of 1191. Those are exclusive of each other.

Some think Occupy made a lasting commitment to the 1191 property and its neighbors to protect it.

Some want to write Karen a letter saying that if we can’t be inside we won’t be able to protect 1191.

ACTION: Patricia volunteered to put documents up on the http://occupy-your-home.com website about different strategies to fight foreclosure.

Eviction Free Zones

Some want to create eviction free zones in foreclosure dense neighborhoods.

ACTION: Reid, Dave L., Fergus, Dave P, Patricia(?) want to work on an eviction free-zone.

ACTION: Reid said he wanted to work with Jean to develop a rapid cel.ly list for foreclosures/eviction defense. Angela McWhinnie of We Are Oregon has experience with this.

NOTE: As of 10.05.2012 Reid is no longer with OH-FAC. Action items will need to be taken up by someone else.
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