10/14 FedUp commitee minutes

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10/14 FedUp commitee minutes

Postby pgrott22 » Wed Oct 17, 2012 9:52 am

Report from the owner of the property:
The owner wants to know if OE wants to contribute to making the property viable for renting. She will soon come to Eugene, and in the long term she may want to rent out the place for money. In the short term, she might want OE to install caretaker residents in exchange for volunteer repair work. She is still working to secure the property, and when it is secured, she may have contractors come in to estimate the cost of making the place viable for renting. Contractors from OE may be preferred. We are asked to remain off the porch and outside of the building for now.

People on porch:
The owner has asked everyone to get off the porch.
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