OH-FAC - November 1, 2012

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OH-FAC - November 1, 2012

Postby Vickie E » Mon Nov 19, 2012 6:26 pm

Occupy Housing and Foreclosure Actions Committee Minutes

Date/Time:  November 1, 2012

Location: Growers Market

Facilitator: Majeska

Attendees:  Fergus, Michael, Majeska, Vickie, Edie

Minutes: Vickie

Majeska will take a turn facilitating meetings.

Core members of OH-FAC!:  Seem to be Vickie, Majeska, Fergus, Edie, Michael G.; maybe Patricia, maybe Art.   Need more discussion about whether to designate "core members" and what it would mean.

New legal information:  Southern District NY Attorney's filed a suit against Wells Fargo and B of A on behalf of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae for selling fraudulent loans.  Senator Merkley proposed creating a trust to assist underwater homeowners using private funds in helping them to refinance; this includes minor reduction in principal.  In order to qualify, banks cannot ask for more than 1.4 times the market value.  This would give the banks a clean title.  Robert Kuttner, a visiting economist, held a couple of lectures.  He said the government is still out about $2 trillion dollars -- the banks have not paid them back.  Phil Angelides, former Treasure of state of CA, TARP auditor spoke on Monday, saying the banks wrote a trillion dollars in bad loans, designed only to be securitized. Subprime mortgage collapse was consciously done.  The banks crashed the economy; this is why the national debt has ballooned.  Instead of breaking up the banks, we are expecting the tax payers of continuing pay.  New movie:  Heist.  Nancy Koerber is getting close to people at the Morse Center.  They are focusing on discrimination in loan origination.  Legal Aid is reportedly helping with foreclosure now.  Marlene Drescher is a retired attorney who may help; she needs liability insurance. Vickie will contact to see if Legal Aid can provide liability insurance for attorney.  U of O Law School.  

National and state networking calls: Fergus will try to get on the Oregon calls.  Vickie will attempt to contact Max and will do Take Back the Land calls.

Wednesday homeowner support meetings seem to have a core group from committee attending.

Prep for mobile office - Contact SEIU for funding?  We would need a good framework. Start a file on people who are wanting help.  We should create an intake form.  

Vickie will check gmail address to see if there are emails needing replies.  
Fergus will be attending Interfaith Occupy meeting and will be talking about foreclosure. 
November 17th event.  Act against Apathy.  Compassion for homeless.  National Day of Action coming from Wall Street. Gwen and/or Lotus. OH-FAC will tabling if there is tabling.  Fergus will make a sign (housing is a human right) and will speak for OH-FAC if we can have a speaker.  Planning for N17 is on Saturday 3:30 p.m. at Growers.

1191 Lawrence:
Last communication with Karen was October 20th. 
We designated Michael Gannon as on-site spokesperson, and Majeska as liaison with police and code compliance people.  Majeska and Vickie will go talk to doctor and Clayton Walker.  

We need a working group again for 1191.  Fed-Up seems a lot less active so it could be difficult restarting a joint committee or making joint decisions.  Decided we will have an OH-FAC subcommittee for 1191, first meeting Saturday 5:00 big table at Growers.  
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