OH-FAC - November 15, 2012

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OH-FAC - November 15, 2012

Postby Vickie E » Mon Nov 19, 2012 7:44 pm

Occupy Housing and Foreclosure Actions Committee Minutes

Date/Time: November 15, 2012

Location: Growers Market

Facilitator: Majeska

Attendees: Fergus, Vickie, Edie, Majeska, Michael

Minute Taker: Vickie

National/State TBL -- Reconomy is working on a flow chart for judicial process. Nancy is focused on the HUD diversity regulations.

Majeska discussed her visit with Malcolm.
Scott spent a total of $18.74 for supplies for:
1) Art walk flyers: $10.05
2) Bankster sign boards for Anniversary Bank Walk: $8.69
Majeska proposed that we authorize Scott to be reimbursed for the supplies. This was consensed.
If our printing/supplies fund gets below $20, we would like to re-authorize another $100. Majeska will inquire about the balance in our supplies fund?

Mobile office prep
It was suggested that we have a way to make decisions quickly, that we have a structure to do that.
1. What are we doing?
2. Create a decision-making apparatus.

Majeska will be backing away from 1191 and Thursday meetings.
It was proposed that Fergus take over Majeska's role as liaison with Karen communications. It was proposed that we continue in a holding pattern/status quo with the situation at 1191. Michael had some concerns and he brought them up. It was felt that Karen would prefer to speak with a female, and that Majeska was filling that role well. Fergus wants to have this be task oriented. He would need an outline of tasks before she was called. Majeska is willing to be present at a last call.

Fergus says Marlene is concerned with: What is the mission of this committee and why are we at odds with Nancy? Michael will take the lead in the next phone conversation.
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