OH-FAC November 8, 2012

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OH-FAC November 8, 2012

Postby Vickie E » Mon Nov 19, 2012 8:59 pm

Occupy Housing and Foreclosure Actions Committee Minutes

Date/Time: November 8, 2012

Location: Growers Market

Facilitator: Majeska

Attendees: Fergus, Vickie, Edie, Majeska, Nicole, Patricia, Michael

Minute Taker: Vickie

National/State TBL
Vickie will contact Max this week.
Legal, new info
No news
Eviction Defense
Patricia said David's eviction was postponed and they will be going back to court next month.
Wednesday Group
Malcolm has hired a forensic examiner. Jud is talking about actually bringing suit against the lawyers who are carrying out some of these questionable foreclosures.
Stephanie Jennings - staff person for housing policy board of Eugene LCOG. The board is made up of people from Eugene and Springfield.
Subcom report 1191

New Items
November 17, 2012 - Act against Apathy. Planning meeting. They would love to have Fergus speak. The sign is a wonderful idea. Majeska may have a canopy; she will work on getting that together. Will email Lee to ask if she has the flow chart and other supplies from the anniversary event. Fergus will make sign. Vickie will print copies of Harpers article.

Legal, Marlene Drescher
Majeska spoke with her on the phone today. She had quite a few questions. Fergus is willing to speak with her. She needs a better picture of the Wednesday group. Marlene seems to know something about foreclosure.

Conflict resolution, next steps
Fergus and Patricia may want to meet with a neutral third party.
Netiquette, discussing problem with person before discussing, clearer committee process. Vickie will get information on Netiquette for next week. Jen will be sending some notes.
Patricia will contact Catharine regarding mediation with Fergus.
Karen sent a statement to Majeska and Michael regarding the fact that Patricia never asked to move into 1191.

Finance Requests (Scott's)
Scott Fife sent an email to Jan and Majeska regarding wanting money for supplies for protests and art walk. Majeska will fill out the form for Finance. Need to know what was done with the money, how much money. She will also inquire about the balance in our preauthorized fund.

Mobile office prep

OH-FAC core members -- Topic postponed.

Mobile office prep
Karen's new contact. She is ready to work with us again.
Liaison reports
Mission of OH-FAC - Banks are feeling trapped. They are using other servicers. The challenge is to scale up to help the 10,000 homeowners in this area. Nobody is addressing the fullness of this problem. Government does the little pieces.

Clarify our proposal for Karen
On-site rules and agreements/support for Michael

Fergus' idea: Center for Housing Justice Council
1. Volunteer Coordinator (training/data/neighborhoods)
2. Office person (IT/publicity/filing/communication)
3. Generalist (big picture/networking/grants)
4. Budget/Household
5. Legal Counsel
6. Fiscal Sponsor
7. Wednesday Night Group Rep.
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