Finance Minutes 11/25/2012

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Finance Minutes 11/25/2012

Postby Jesse » Sun Nov 25, 2012 7:43 pm

Michael Carrigan Donation - Wants permit for $15 for anniversary celebration
Approved by committee

New Website - Place on website for finance committee
Area where there could be a picture that should be for us, says Jain

Big John
Provided about $500 of receipts to Jan
That essentially deletes the kitchen fund
Spent about $200 at previous annual celebration event
Did not request these funds first
Majeska states that it had been discussed at planning meeting that food would be separate from official event

Petty Cash
Discussed about providing full amount approved to committee, and letting them be responsible for tracking use of funds

Future of OE
Finance level at about $3000
Discussed once we get to $2000, we may consider limiting expenditures to a few select ongoing expenses
Urge committees to start working on fundraising on their own
Proposed we write a budget for funds for the next year to show how much additional funds we have, show to GA
Discussed we wait for a future GA to bring up limiting of funds once below $2000

Potential new committee member
Jain may know someone interested in joining the committee, named Jessica!
On newsletter committee, but may decide to meet with finance in the future
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