Houseless solutions support committee Dec. 10, 2012

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Houseless solutions support committee Dec. 10, 2012

Postby Barb Prentice » Fri Dec 14, 2012 7:57 am

Houseless Solutions Support Committee
Monday Dec. 10, 2012

Attendees: Michael C (facilitator), Barb (notes), Sabra, Robin, Jean, Ann, Cary, Sabra, Helen
• Funds request for SLEEPS
• Announcements
• Closing of 1191 Lawrence
• Jean at Rubicon
• Private property
• Mayor’s 40/40 campaign
• Sabra’s report on Australian rooming houses
• City Council

Funds request for SLEEPS
• Agreed to request $100 from Occupy Eugene for Sleeps expenses. Funds to be paid to Jean Stacey.
• SVDP Egan memorial is Dec. 16 at 10:30 at 2nd and Blair.
Closing of 1191
• Michael announced that 1191 will be closed down today. Owner is retaking possession of house. After closing, folks will march down to SLEEPS rally. Jean will check that they understand the parameters of SLEEPS camping.
Jean at Rubicon
• Helen reported that Jean did an excellent job or presenting OVE.
• Some were somewhat receptive to OVE, but most were not. One person suggested that homeless be sent to Dignity Village since that already exists.
Private Property
• Private property is for sale on Highway 99 across from Schnitzer Steel that could be a future site for OVE
Mayor’s 40/40 campaign
• The mayor has started an initiative to raise $40, 000 so that 40 families could move into housing, by paying first and last month’s rent or other costs that keep them from moving into available low cost housing.
Sabra’s report on Australian boarding houses
• Australia has licensed rooming houses, generally furnished, sometimes providing meals, which offer shelter at a low cost.
• SRO’s (Single occupancy rooms) are coming back in this country in LA and San Francisco. HUD is offering support for these ... ograms/sro

City Council meeting Mon. Dec. 10
• Michael will be talk about OVE
• Several people will request the camping ban be lifted and talk about SLEEPS

• Setting up tents about 4 today
• Need for support
• Some folks from Portland coming today.
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