OH-FAC Thursday, December 20

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OH-FAC Thursday, December 20

Postby Majeska » Tue Jan 01, 2013 10:44 pm

OH-FAC minutes Thursday, December 20

Decided to cancel next week's meetings for a holiday break (both Wed. and Thurs.).

Decided to propose for discussion on Thurs, Jan 3, that Thursday meetings no longer be held, but rather do any committee business in the last half hour of Wednesday support group meetings (e.g. 6:30-7:00).

Decided to set up a Next Steps subcommittee to put out emails to the listserves and prepare for discussion January 3 about transitions for the committee from the phase we have been in to the next phase that is all but upon us. Lists of considerations and proposed solutions will be prepared for Jan 3. Subcommittee is Vickie and Majeska.

Decided to request that Patricia change her website by removing the new subheading that says "Occupy Eugene Foreclosure Action Committee." Majeska will contact Patricia about it. If at a January meeting it is decided to make this the committee's website, there are several significant changes that would be needed. http://occupy-your-home.com

Considering for Wednesday, January 16th Homeowner’s Support Meeting, asking Steve Kanaga and Tim Moxley (and inviting Jud Carusone and Marlene Drescher?) for a panel discussion on foreclosure law and different strategies.
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