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OH-FAC minutes Thursday, January 3

PostPosted: Sat Jan 05, 2013 11:43 pm
by Majeska
OH-FAC minutes Thursday, January 3

COMMITTEE CONTACTS Decided unanimously to change to Vickie Embree and Majeska Seese-Green.

COMMITTEE MEETING DAY/TIME Decided unanimously to no longer hold committee meetings on Thursdays, but rather do any committee business in the last half hour of Wednesday homeowner support group meetings (e.g. 6:30-7:00). Will begin informal finger-food potlucks and provide beverages (need hot-pot for water for tea, etc.).

JANUARY 16 Decided unanimously NOT to organize a special panel for this Wednesday meeting (under consideration in recent weeks). Vickie will tell Tim it's not happening.

TAKE BACK THE LAND Decided unanimously that OH-FAC is not in a position to be an active Local Action Group in TBL. Vickie will email Max Rameau.

PATRICIA'S WEBSITE Agreed this is not a website of OH-FAC and should not give the impression that it is. Patricia has been asked to remove the new subheading that says "Occupy Eugene Foreclosure Action Committee."

OH-FAC RELATIONSHIP TO BANKBUSTERS Clarification about this new group apparently in formation was intended to be the main topic for discussion at this meeting. However, all present agreed we do not have enough information to consider. (Fergus had been present but left before the meeting started.)

EMAIL ADDRESS & ALIAS "Bankbusters" is part of the OH-FAC email address (<>) and one of the commonly-used aliases of the OH-FAC listserve (e.g. BankBusters FAC <>). Tabled to next meeting how we will or might transition away from continuing to use this term, since it is now used by the new group in formation.

SUGAR Vickie will suggest tapping SUGAR resources for assistance with particular concerns that have arisen.