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OH-FAC minutes Wednesday, January 9

PostPosted: Sat Jan 12, 2013 1:29 pm
by Majeska
OH-FAC minutes Wednesday, January 9

[First meeting (re)combining homeowner support and committee business, following decision of January 3 to no longer hold committee meetings on Thursdays, but rather do any committee business in the last half hour of Wednesday 5:00 PM homeowner support group meetings (e.g. 6:30-7:00). Informal finger-food potlucks intended for future meetings. These minutes report committee business, not homeowner support discussions.]

JANUARY 16 SPECIAL HOMEOWNER SUPPORT MEETING Decided unanimously to replace the decision of last week with a decision to organize this special meeting after all (as Fergus has invited several guests to speak). Decided to change the time for January 16 to 5:30-8:00 PM, to not include committee business, to encourage finger-food potluck refreshments, and that Vickie will coordinate planning the format and preparing questions for the guests. (An idea that had been floated to invite the new group BankBusters to co-sponsor the event with OH-FAC was not taken up by BankBusters, so this is NOT a jointly-sponsored event/meeting.)

OH-FAC RELATIONSHIP TO BANKBUSTERS Still not discussed, still need more information. Fergus was present for only a few minutes of business (January 16 item) during which he indicated that the new group is not really interested in foresclosures.

SUGAR Vickie expressed a desire to ask for SUGAR assistance with particular concerns that have arisen in the committee, and Fergus said that was a good idea. (No decision about how to proceed.)

EMAIL ADDRESS Because the current committee email address for public use (<oebankbusters at gmail dot com>) includes the term "bankbusters" (what the new group is calling itself), it was decided unanimously to establish a new email address for this committee. Vickie was authorized to create a new one, using the word "foreclosures" in a simple way.

LIST NAME FOR LISTSERVE Because the current committee list name (<oec_neighborhoodaction at lists dot riseup dot net>) has been given the nickname (alias?) "bankbusters" by numerous users, it was decided unanimously to establish a completely new list for this committee. Majeska was authorized to create a new one, using the word "foreclosures" in a simple way. Everyone on the current list will be notified of the need to join the new list to continue receiving committee emails, and new people will be encouraged to join, e.g. those active with the homeowner support aspect of the committee.

PATRICIA'S WEBSITE Patricia has been asked to remove from her website ( the new subheading "Occupy Eugene Foreclosure Action Committee" and anything else that makes it seem to be officially connected to the OE committee. If she has not done so by the next meeting, we will decide on further action as necessary.