Comm Comm Minutes 3/19/13

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Comm Comm Minutes 3/19/13

Postby david.a » Wed Mar 20, 2013 7:19 pm

In attendance: David A., Lee D., Mary B., Jana T. 
Notes by Mary B.

Goal of Mtg: to identify and divide tasks; to identify necessary training; to identify need for meetings

Blog on Website
Event Listing on Website Calendar
FaceBook Event and promo
Community Calendars [Eugene Weekly; CALC; HELIOS; RG]
Press Releases 

Jana will continue doing Announcements.  David A will do Event and Blog on Website.  Mary B. will do FB and Twitter.  Lee D will do Eugene Weekly.  Lee D and Jana will do press releases.  We expect Christina to plug in as well.  

**still need to identify someone for the rest of the community calendar [tv, radio, RG, CALC, HELIOS]

Identified issues with website: 
- Event Submission form broken
- difficulties loading featured event pics
 - need to add blurb to calendar to contact Jana to update meetings time or notify OE of problems with incorrect info
Jana will coordinate with Jamil on these issues.  She will also color code calendar: services; OE meetings; OE Events; Allies Events

Jana will talk to Jamil about getting new people added as admins to website and setting up a time to do some training.

Other Training Needs:
Mary B will coordinate with Christina re training on Twitter and FB Events [for Mary B and anyone else who wants to join] and for Press Release Training [for Lee  D, Jana and anyone else who wants to join].

Once the Event Submission form is fixed Mary B will send an email to OE Contacts regarding how to initiate events.  If it’s an OE event or a benefit for OE all of the above tasks will be performed with the caveat that some of the calendar need advance time and we may not be able to hit all calendars unless we get timely request.  If it an allied group event, there will be a place on the event submission form to indicate what services the group would like performed by comm comm and the group will decided on a case by case basis, prioritizing OE events if workload is an issue.  Mary B. will also let folks know in the email that day of press contacts [to encourage coverage] will be the responsibility of the person running the event and not by comm comm.  

Decided to meet once a month for ongoing training and to start building backups for each task.  Will meet 3rd Wednesday of the month.

Next meeting April 17th 5:30 Growers.  
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