Comm Comm Minutes 9/22/2014

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Comm Comm Minutes 9/22/2014

Postby david.a » Mon Sep 22, 2014 8:57 pm

In attendance: Lee, Big John, Connor, Jana, David, Mariah
Notes: David


Committee members tasks:
    Social Media
    Facebook – Connor
    Twitter - Big John
    Announcements – Jana / Lee
    Press releases – As needed
    Eugene Weekly Activist alerts - Jana
    Web posts / calendar -Lee / Jana / (training for Big John and Connor (David)
    Web site maintenance – David
Should comm comm be an open committee subject to new member review?
Yes. Review process will established and posted.

Listserv add member add ons and/or updates - David
Send email to oec_communications asking listserv members to respond to stay on list

OE Facebook and Page, and understanding the different use of each – Connor
Connor will post subject to FB page
Create and use a Google doc to collaborate Facebook posts – Connor
It would be a public read only document and editable by the Facebook admins. It's purpose would detail Facebook posts considered and those that will be implemented. Connor will create the doc and it will be tested. After a trial period, we'll decide whether or not to continue using it.

What is OE / Comm Comm publicizing – Mariah
Discussed what gets media attention OE events vs Allies events. Announcements and OE Social media can and will continue to be used for publicizing both oe and ally events. OE Web/calendar and press releases will be used primarily for publicizing OE events.
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