Actions Committee Minutes 1/23/12

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Actions Committee Minutes 1/23/12

Postby Karen_M » Mon Jan 23, 2012 9:35 pm

Actions Committee Meeting Minutes 1/23/12

Attendance: Karen, Michael G., Ann, Michael C., Beatrice, Fergus, Jean, Jersey, Vanity

Minutes: Karen

Agenda Setting:What is the current Action-approval process?, Free Bradley Manning Event, Debrief Ninja-Bank event, proposed actions: foreclosure sucker action at loan processors, single-bank campaign, Nestle and Wal-mart opposition of GE corn, Bottle water, action against McDougal family-Dexter Mtn., Single-payer
*Some people need to be at City Hall by 7; decision to end meeting by 6:30

Current Action approval Process:
combined with
Debriefing of Ninja-Bank Event:
Explanation of Current Action Approval Process:
Current Action Approval Process was drafted by 2 members of Communications Committee and 2 members of Actions Committee. It was designed to help clarify when an action was officially endorsed by the Actions Committee. The process is posted on crbagrass under Actions Committee under the name "Process for Actions Planning". Basically it asks that each action be described in an "Action Announcement Document" or AAD. For covert actions, the AAD does not have to list the date or location of an event, but it is preferred that as many details as possible are listed. Once the AAD is created, individual members of the Actions Committee can give the event a star. Once the document has at least 5 stars, it is considered an OE-approved event and Communications is obligated to promote the event and/or write a press release. The ninja-Bank event held today was approved under the current process.
Question: Is there any way to give an action a "block"? Answer: No. not under current process.

Wording of current action approval process (AAP) is problematic. Actions Committee need to address AAP. We need to find something that suits all actions and all future affinity groups. More affinity groups should form to get a greater variety of actions going.
The image on the poster encouraged violence?
Some actions at some times may be covert, these are not approved by GA
Is this process adequate for allowing actions to get approval to use Occupy Eugene name?
Covert actions can get approval to use OE name under current system
Covert actions need to network with at least one member of communications
It is important to talk to a variety of people within OE before carrying out an action
Many people feel that today's action should not have been carried out in OE name.
This event had a lot of advertising
Are covert actions necessary?
Let's move discussion to finding a resolution
There is more than one group attempting to heal relationships within the OE community regarding past actions
One idea for a covert action was to take ninjas to Nike today,
Should we discuss today's action when none of the participants and organizers are here?
No. Decision to move to the next agenda item

Free Bradley Manning Event
Introduced by Michael Carrigan. Fliers handed out. He is hoping for a working group to come out of this to help plan out the event. Bradley Manning is the army private who was accused of leaking information to wikileaks; he could potentially spend life in prison for this event. Hoping to keep this issue ongoing after the event.
This event could be approved under the current process by posting to crabgrass and receiving 5 stars.
Everyone supports this issue with exception of Michael G who would like more information.
(Michael G reads flier, gets more info, then comments): Bradley Manning helped to inspire Arab Spring uprising. Important to teach some people about wikileaks, some people do not understand how wikileaks works. Would teaching people about wikileaks help people to expose local corruption? Shouldn't be just educational, should perhaps involve creating a letter-writing campaign, etc? Point of info: there is a what-you-can-do about Bradley Manning already on the agenda for this event. Michael requests that people do more research on events before bringing it to Actions Committee.
*Important to get this on crabgrass soon, so that people can get all relevant information about Bradley Manning ASAP; with more information people will better understand what kind of event they are consenting to

Next Action idea: Giving 'suckers' to people who process loans:
Deals with foreclosure issues
Weekly auctions of foreclosures would be a great place for an action
Could we do a charity auction for people getting foreclosed on?
Effective way to deal with foreclosures would come from legal perspective
Could we hold fundraisers to provide legal resources to people facing foreclosure?
OE Neighborhood Action Committee meets at noon on Sunday; or is it Wednesday
We should network with OE NAC to get this action going
Would this be a splinter group?
Could we get some of the street kids to help with this, Jersey has great ideas for NAC, should go to next NAC meeting, thinks that many street families would like to get more politically active

McDougal Dexter-Mtn Action
A splinter/affinity group to deal with this issue, do research on this issue?
Would it be called a working group who does the research and then brings it to Actions Committee for OE approval? (this is just a semantic debate, doesn't matter what this group is called)
This action would encompass lumber issues, water issues, local 1%,
The best way to carry out effective actions is to create these small working groups to hammer out details and bring their progress back to Actions Committee
One idea is to Occupy any business that is corrupt, has issues, should we form a squatters committee to Occupy some of these business? Jersey will go to others, get ideas together, bring it back to the group.
*Idea to restore/create timber tax for big corporations
*McDougal Action will be discussed later w/ Jean, Kristen, other parties who have expressed interest, may tie into other actions.

Open House at Occupy V
have large open house; get community more involved in OE
let's wait a little bit to get the warehouse set up
should we plan a month ahead?
one problem we have had in past is inadequate planning, events do not get adequate press, not listed in Eugene Weekly, etc.
solidarity has fallen; solidarity needs to be restored before we start asking to bring in new faces
Helen is not pleased with current status of Occupy V; we need to deal with a variety of issues regarding the building first

Single-bank Action
Bank-transfer day was good, let's move towards targeting a single bank with high visibility and national recognition. Target bank daily; stand out front, talk about issues, hand out informational fliers.
Credit Unions are not as good about including poorer people. Let's do research on the local credit unions and find out who helps people with low credit scores, etc.
Flier would encourage people to move only to the better credit union; this would encourage local credit unions to change there policy to better help low-income people
Also include street theatre, attack bank from all directions, using all tactics.
Plan this far enough in advance to get people in other locations to do simultaneous actions
This plan will require A LOT of research, that will be part of the action--letting people REALLY know what is going on; do research on:
Chase, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Citibank
Why not Umqua? Umpqua is a good target, they are not a respectable bank; but it would interfere with encouraging groups in other areas; we would like for Occupys across the country to participate in this action
How do people feel about this?
When foreclosure group goes after certain groups, they can align with the bank being targeted, squatters may be able to squat at bank
People suggest USBank as a potential target?
People think it is a decision between Chase and B of A
Important to target Bank that has national implications
Chose target that we can get something out of in a reasonable amount of time (like by summer?)
we should have a really clear idea of what we want to get out of the target
what changes do we want to see?
Raising quality of health-care offered by the targeted business
For example, encouraging the bank to offer health-care that is on a par with other competitors, educating customers of this business about the health-care issue
Perhaps the bank is too big of an issue for immediate results
Needs to be a target that other people will support us in targeting
Would it be legitimate to make our target simply hurting a specific bank in an effort to get other banks to change their policies? Trying to just hurt a bank financially and PR-wise?
Some people think that the results we want to see should be positive; shouldn't just try to hurt a big target. Something as big as BofA can withstand the hit of a campaign like this
Is targeting a bank in an effort to get people to move to a credit union while simultaneously encouraging credit unions to improve their support of the 99% a good enough goal?
We should have really clear goals in this action; designed to produce a specific change
Let's take the BofA down
If they're to big to fail, they shouldn't exist
We like the idea of educating the general public about what banks are really doing; this idea is great because it involves a lot of research and educating many people who do not fully understand what is going on.
Let's put this up on crabgrass, get more feedback from others, find out if a bank is an appropriate target

We are at time:
Unfortunate that we do not have time to discuss all the actions that people have ideas about. It is frustrating that we do not have enough time to discuss all the ideas. Michael G has two good ideas that have been on crabgrass for a while (getting Wal-mart to boycott Genetically modified corn, and the Nestle Action-see crabgrass for details); both ideas are easily carried out and have concrete objectives. He would like more support for these ideas. In comparison to the bank idea, Michael feels these ideas could be carried out in less time and achieve greater goals.

Next meeting is Thursday at 4pm
Many people would like Actions Committee meetings to move to a time that work for more people
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Re: Actions Committee Minutes 1/23/12

Postby Karen_M » Tue Jan 24, 2012 9:59 am

I forgot to include that Michael C. was the facilitator of this meeting.
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Actions Committee Minutes 2/6/2012

Postby Moon Just Moon » Mon Feb 06, 2012 11:19 pm

In Attendance: Art, Mari, James, Larry, Ann, Carla, Moon, Jean, & Guests Jennifer & Barbara.
Facilitated by Art
Minutes by Moon

Barbara & Jennifer came to offer their services for a listening session to the actions committee. There were no objections after the process was explained.
Jennifer can be reached at Moon will communicate a list of interested parties to Jennifer.
Sessions run for 3 hours. Proposed time frame options discussed, Sunday afternoons, Tuesdays between 2-7 pm, or Thursdays 6-9pm. asap.

James announced the new Occupy LCC student group is forming. OE Contacts are James, Mari & Gwen for more info.

Art announced a Foreclosure action coming up on 2/16. See Art for more info.

Ann announced The Shopping Cart Action. Friday 2/17 @ Kesey Square. Planning session will be at Kesey Sq. this Friday afternoon 2/10. Contact Alley for more info.

Moon proposed moving 1 of the 2 weekly meetings to 6pm to accommodate people with daytime work hours. Agreed unanimous. Monday meetings will now start at 6pm.
Moon will announce on FB, Jean will make the calendar changes.

Future Actions discussed: Occupy Oregon State Assembly & People United 2/25, Shut Down The Corporations 2/29. Carbon Butte & Coal Train events in the near future.
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