Library Committee Minutes 1/25/12

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Library Committee Minutes 1/25/12

Postby Karen_M » Thu Jan 26, 2012 6:56 am

Library Committee Meeting Minutes 1/25/12

Attendance:Art, Scotty, John, Karen, Jennifer
Innocent bystander:Diesel



Agenda Setting:

We have raised more money than any other committee and have not asked for any. We can probably get money from finance. Do we want to ask for anything?
There is an upcoming fundraiser at Tsunami
Last fundraiser: all money turned into finance committee. Has not yet reimbursed John for food expenses. Did they want us to take money out before we turned in fund-raising dollars? How does fund-raising work?
Taking out money from fund-raising dollars to cover expenses encourages abuse of the finance system
Do we need to earmark our fund-raising donations?
Should we sell excess books at Last Friday artwalk?
Finance wants John to hold fund-raising for past expenditures
Could we possibly use money to print up copies of Saul Alinsky's 'Rules for Radicals' for Plaedo's book club on Tuesday night? Also Gene Sharps' books?
These are available online as PDF and can be printed for as little as $5 each
How do we keep copies within OE?

Consensed: Decision for Library Committee to officially endorse upcoming Occupy Live event

Explore possibility to distribute AK press?
Do we want to stock copies of newsletters from other Occupy's?
Occupy V is currently not open. Sell books at events only?
Projector for movie nights?

Consensed: Decision to sell excess books at upcoming Friday Artwalk
*Karen will e-mail Cooper to let him know of our plans
*Art will set up the book selling at artwalk

Physical Collection of Books at Occupy V
Some of our better books have disappeared
OE V is not available for a whole lot longer
Calc office? Reality kitchen may be places to store books?
If books are being stored off-site, they are not available for OE readers
Schedule library hours?
Art will talk to Michael C about using CALC space?
Should we be expanding our collection?
Tsunami may have books available
Could we get a stamp that says OE Library (like Eugene Public Library does)
How do we check-out books?
How do we enforce book returns?
Limit 2 books per person, cannot take out more unitl have returned previous copies
Consensed:Decision to get "Occupy Eugene Library" rubber stamp for our books
*Scotty will get rubber stamp
Consensed: Limit OE Library circulation to two books per person

Still having problems with list-serve
Can't get more administrators
Jamil set up original list-serve
Can we talk to him about making sure we are all up to date and administrators
only one admin creates bottle-necks for in-coming e-mails
Listserv is managed separately from crabgrass library committee
Consensed: Decision for all current members to be administrators/list moderators on oec_library list-serve
How do we follow up on this?

AA/NA (Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous)
Do we want to sponsor AA/NA as part of the Library Committee?
This would involve offering the building the building (OEV) for AA and NA meetings
good for PR
Do we need to talk to Helen other people/ building is locked outside of meetings
John has a key
*John will talk to Helen and AA/NA people
Consensed: Decision for Library Committee sponsor AA/NA

Mission Statement
motto idea: 'to educate and empower'
correction: our current motto is "you don't f*ck with the library committee" (Laughter)
mission statement ideas:
OELC will serve as a resource to offer education events through classes, events, documentaries, etc
cultural, literary, and education events
should include community
OELC is a community-building hub of cultural, literary, and educational events for OE and community as a whole
OELC is a hub of cultural literary, and educational resources for OE and the community as a whole
Consenses: Our mission statement is "Oregon Eugene Library Committee serves as a hub for cultural, literary, and educational resources for Occupy Eugene and the community as a whole."

Next Speaker:
should we invite another speaker in?
Chuck Hunt was great
Literary, economics, talk about shifts in economics
Political theory: Marxism, Socialism, etc
emerging markets using statement
"in das capital" lecture/discussion
Guy, Elizabeth Y may know which professors can come speak to us?
OE educ/alliance committee has started meeting again, could we ask them?
*Jen will contact Guy for information on which UO professors are available
*Karen will send e-mail out to EY, Education_Alliance com. asking about which Univ professors may be available
Javier Lava event should be picked up again (Farmworkers and Treeplanters United);
he can show documentary about Zapatistas, etc.
library should reach out to Hispanic community
central library CISCAP are resources available to Hispanic outreach
fundraising may approre some gas, minor hotel expenses for guest speakers
Cheryl has resources on Hispanic issues, sent out great e-mail on oe_contacts about banned books related to Hispanic issues
work with People of Color committee on this event
*Karen will send e-mail to Cheryl asking if she wants to get involved in lib. comm events
Consensus: Library will host Balderdash event
"GPoling theatre" idea including reading excerpts from police reports, GPoling calendar quotes
idea to create educational non-partisan pamphlets on local politicians, not endorsing but listing sponsors, contributions, and pertinent decisions they have made in office
Pokemon cards for local politicians and people running for office

ALEC:Provide list of all politicians affecting Lane County voters who are involved in ALEC (Kitzhaber)
Provide educational pamphlets about ALEC, companies involved
As part of a larger event, research design cards listing ALEC-sponsored companies on one side and non-ALEC products on other; hand out at college, etc.
Ask students to commit to replaceing one ALEC product with one non-ALEC product
(ie buy Blue Sky cola instead of Coca-Cola; Cliff Bars instead of Nutri-grain)
This project requires A LOT of research; should begin soon so fliers are available for next event/action
*Karen will put this idea up on crabgrass

Finding out who is sponsoring the 1% in Lane County
Note: Number #1 Objective of Occupy is to separate money from politics
Educational pamphlets on local lane county officials
work with Visioning Committee on research
others in community may also have info on this, how do we reach out to them?

Wal-mart is a great target; everyone hates Wal-mart
Do anit-walmart in conjunction with pro-other business (union-supported organizations)
Important to offer alternative
Brainstorm fun Wal-mart action
Documentary idea "Wal-mart :high cost of low cost"

Reid and Kristen both have research abilities; we should reach out to them about 1% in Lane County/educational voters pamphlets on city councilors, etc.
*Scott will contact Kristen; *Karen will contact Reid to get info on doing research, get info

Upcoming Tsunami Events
Jen reads announcement for upcoming Tsunami event on 2/28
*She will send this announcement out to oe_contacts

--Idea to do 1-hour lecture/video taped class on structure of Eugene government, interaction with city council, city manager, police chief and police unions, etc

--Ralph has books to donate

John L Monroe has arrived
Karen nominates him as new member of Library Committee, Scotty and Lotus second,
Consensus: Welcome John Monroe! Newest member of Library Committee

--idea to sponsor Occupy debates, host debates have OE debate team

Discussion of crabgrass, set-up, etc.--decision to set up Library Group within OE network, rather than as a committee of Occupy Eugene Group
*Karen and John M will work on setting up OELC as a group within network Occupy Eugene

--Pete Sorenson has a lot of info on local 1%, history of timber industry, etc.

Next Library Commttte Meeting Wednesday at Noon, Scotty's place
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Re: Library Committee Minutes 1/25/12

Postby kokomojo » Mon Jan 30, 2012 12:07 am

I just read that in Oakland, there is a city councilor that calls their Occupy folks terrorists too. I think they must be a club. The "Let's Call Free Speech Advocates 'Terrorists' Party. So, somehow we would need to add that to our GPoling Theatre hour. I suppose he could have guest speakers from city councils across the nation. Man, I time to start writing material for the Occupy Live show. I do think it would be a worthwhile project to find out who pays for these jokers' campaigns.....anyone who calls Occupiers terrorists should deserve extra scrutiny. They assail the the Bill of Rights every time they say such a thing. Downright anti-American.
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