Comm Comm minutes 1-29-12

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Comm Comm minutes 1-29-12

Postby laurenasprooth » Sun Jan 29, 2012 8:44 pm

Comm Comm Notes Jan 29, 2012

Facilitator: Reid
Note Taker: Lauren
In attendance: Bret, Reid, Tree, Fergus, Vickie, Michael, Mary B., Lauren, Rob, Graham

What should/shouldn’t be on the website
Reid Follow up on the list serve
Shaylor’s F book page update
City’s $100 PR
Upcoming Events
Opinion Page (structure/criteria)
Minutes proposal
UO Student interviews

What should/shouldn’t be on the website

What events/stuff will we post on the OE website? Outside events etc
*rob will add to form a section on messaging

Discussion around whether comm comm should have the ability to decide to promote the event or not based on its alignment with the OE vision statement

OE events
-Comm comm first we ask for a clear statement of purpose and public message through the form on the OE website (consensus)
-Comm comm will ask for clarification on messaging if necessary (what will the “post press release” be about to an unknowing audience) (consensus)

Possible- to come back to at 2-2-11:
-If issue is not resolved for clarification then GA has to decide whether or not to approve it for formal promotion
-Comm comm can decide to promote the event or not based on its alignment with the OE vision statement (checks/balances of a decentralized system)
-Comm comm can put out press release stating our neutral position and that we didn’t approve of the action/event if necessary if it not an approved event
-understand some things come up on an emergency basis and will do our best to respond quickly

OE partner events (come back)

Outside Events (come back)
If it doesn’t meet the criteria we are going to make, put it up as a “news” tag on the site

Reid’s follow up with Kristen’s action list serve moderator
-not spoken with her about the issue yet

Last meeting: comm comm decided last meeting to change settings to push all messages through without moderation. Review after two weeks and bring restructuring of the comm comm list to the GA in 2 weeks as of 1-26 and suggest to the GA that all other committees do the same.

List members may post
If you are not a subscriber to a list, the moderator must approve the message before it goes out. Moderators can censor/block messages.
Owners can kick people off lists.
Ghost messaging: you send a message to the list and the moderator does not send out to list but sends back to you only so that you think it goes out but you are the only one who gets it

Conversation about Kristen’s role as moderator and her actions kicking people off and being warned not to do so again.
Whose role is it to maintain transparency?
Make sure everyone in OE understands these things are happening and being considered
Maybe give her another warning and ask her reasons
Already done so by Jamil, been warned and still removing people
Owner of list is Jamil, Kristen, Mary, Rob, Coco Moderators: Mary, Jamil, Kristen
Is there a way to make the moderators/owners actions tied to another owner/moderator? No
Bring suggestions to the GA for how to make lists more transparent/accountable

Proposal: Over time we have evaluated that the way the committee lists are currently set up is not working and communications committee will switch everything to pass through for a two week trial. This will eliminate the need for moderators and owners and ownership returns to Rob S. and Jamil being the owners.

*This does not apply to OE announce or contact list

Consensus reached 1-29

Message being sent out to committees:

In an effort to simplify, streamline and secure email communications, communications committee has agreed to the following changes

1- listserv's will be set to pass through mode - All emails sent to listserv will no longer need to be approved, all mail goes through

2- With all listserv set to pass through, there is no need for multiple owners, comm comm will have 2 members act as "owner" of the list for transparency and access control.

We will test this new system for 2 weeks, with plans on keeping these changes if no issues arise

Upcoming events

Open house-may be good day after the Oregon state assembly Feb. 25, Feb 26 open house

Follow through on events; art walk Lauren will try and get photos and get up a follow through post

Tree will try and collect future events for Eugene Weekly calendar
By Feb. 2 Tree needs events that will happen for the week of Feb. 16-23.

Thursday’s Agenda:
Continuation on What should/shouldn’t be on the website
Shaylor’s F book page update
City’s $100 PR
Upcoming Events
Opinion Page (structure/criteria)
Minutes proposal
UO Student interviews
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