01.29.2012 NAC MEETING

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01.29.2012 NAC MEETING

Postby ReidKimball » Sun Jan 29, 2012 11:12 pm

01.29.2012 NAC NOTES
Attendees: reid, richard, kaye, scott, tad, ambrose
Facilitator: reid
Minutes: reid
• Contact Attorney General not to take Obama settlement pact with banks
• *Karen Atkinson contact attempt (Jim)
• *Names of 1191 (Tim)
• *Families we can help (Jim, Patricia)
• Scott (action planning)
o Signs, housing is a human right
o March death of human right
• Do we have, want Eugene Weekly ads for meetings and films?
• Meeting Wed 4p (Malcom to be there)
Richard introduces self to kaye. Has a paralegal center, called Freedom Center in Springfield. Investigated criminality of gov foreclosures.
Why would I pay credit on my interest?
If we want to occupy, give notice in newspaper, tell the owner we will take over.
Patricia did not contact homeless organizations.
We need to know what happened with Tim’s work.
Richard, a commercial property is easier.
Richard writes legal docs to stop foreclosures.
Tad wants OE to fund a free energy project.
Richard is an Oath Keeper.
Tad, sheriff’s have the highest power in the county.
Institutional mortgage fraud is making homes vacant.
Patricia write a letter to people still in their homes to tell them to stay in homes. Tell them how to get their papers. Invite them to a meeting.
Reid will find out from Tim and talk to neighbors about 1191.
We want Max Rameau to come.
Signs, housing is a human right.
Patricia to call EWEB, movies on foreclosure.
Friday night skits/movie? Saturday march take back people’s houses, plant signs in lawn, go to banks, take over house, Sunday have potluck.
A trust is a third party, a judge is a third party. Set up a third party as a witness.
We need to provide people with means to get their papers, turn 1191 into foreclosure office?
Warranty deed is about the land, deed of trust is about the property.
The people own the land.
Tad suggests take over 1191 with legal standing, orgianl owners abandoned, we are trying to help. Squatting is illegal, we need legal standing. We need a quid claim deed land in America is free, limit to what you claim. We need to accept a quid claim deed from Karen Atkinson.
Richard will help me figure out who the owners are.
Patricia will look into where Karen Atkinson is located.
Land needs to be claimed by highest level, a living person, not a corporation or non-profit.
Richard, everyone needs to learn about trusts.
Meeting with Richard, Patricia, Reid.
Table at Saturday market.
10a courthouse, auction. With Richard.
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